Kemoy's Moss Side Drama story & Log

                                 The Journey to perform at the Royal Exchange Theatre

Kemoy formed a Drama group in April 2012 and got young people from local communities to get involved, he then applied to the Royal Exchange to perform at the truth about youth festival which he was successful for, the work that Kemoy started to focus on was to looking at gangs and how one negative thing that you do can get you in massive trouble, he also looked at Dementia because of working with the Elderly in his past jobs and seen how serious it is but to also make people aware of it. The royal exchange was impressed with this work and wanted to meet.

The group had regular practices at the Powerhouse which meant they were working hard on the performance to get it right. 


The Royal Exchange came out to film the group's performance on the 25th June 2012 which was interesting, this video was showed also on the 21st July 2012.

Some members in the video are now former members, what the group wants to do is to let young people come into the drama group and get the experience but to also have them as extras which gives them the opportunity to get involve from time to time.

The drama group went to the Royal Exchange to meet a director on the 10th July 2012 to show the performance, the director watched and was impressed, he gave some tips to the group about performing in a theatre and how to capture the audience and draw them in, there was bits of the performance which was changed slightly so it is more of a theatre setting which was good. 

 The Group attended the Royal Exchange on July 21st at 3pm to do a technical rehearsal which was good to ensure that the sound and lighting fits in well.

The group arrived back at the theatre at 5:30pm which they met other groups that were performing, after a meet and greet they were then showed to their dressing room for any costume change etc.. 

The group then performed during the evening, the audience was fantastic, they giggled as the enjoyed the performance of the Moss Side Drama group. 

Kemoy also supported and coordinated other young people who were successful to perform in the music space at the royal exchange.

Well done Flamez, Shanice, Kane & Shola


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