Kemoy Carlton Walker Better known as Keem was born on October 21st 1990.

He has many roles across the city of Manchester including DJ, Host, Youth Work Leader etc..


Kemoy is a CEO of KYSO Group

Kemoy is a Labour Party Member.

Kemoy is a Manchester City Council Ambassador for Manchester/Moss Side.

Kemoy is a DJ/Host with Years of experience.

Growing up

In his early years Kemoy lived together with his Father, Carlton Walker who was a role model for his young son because he was hardworking.

In 2002 at age of 11 Kemoy was reunited with his mother as well as other family members  who lived in Moss side, Manchester. At the time Moss side was known as a rough area and Kemoy was not use to living in such an environment, he was concerned because of the former gang culture and violence within his community, and from that time Kemoy felt the need to bring about positive change within his community.

Early life & More

Kemoy started High school in September 2002 at Ducie High, (Locally to home). Not long after starting at Ducie Kemoy demonstrated behaviourial problems e.g. Not listening to instructions and causing disruption, which nearly caused an exclusion. Fortunately for Kemoy the school became an Academy and he saw this as a new start. He changed his behaviour and attitude and before long when in year 9 he was given the role of Student Ambassador (Prefect) a role which he worked in for 3 years.

In 2007 Kemoy started taking acting lesson at Laine Johnson Theatre School in Manchester, while there he was expected to read acient greek, Shakepare, and carry out different performances, it was then he became aware of his passion for acting and in June 2008 he put on a big performance at Salford University, he left Laine Johnson in 2009 in order to further his Objective.

Currently Kemoy carries out Acting and Background work on television.

Voluntary work history

2007-Ongoing Kemoy carried out voluntary work with Powerhouse in his local community since age 15. The organisation ran a successful youth club for young people from 7 to 10pm. While there he carried duties e.g. Setting up a debate club, Managing media projects and running accreditation courses in IT. Unfortunately as a direct result of government cuts the organisation was forced to close.

During 2011-2015 Kemoy worked for other Youth Organisations such as Prime Youth Club/Manchester Youth Zone.

 Work and Projects - 2011-Onwards

While watching the news coveage of the recent riots (August 2011) Kemoy noticed that many of places in London that was affected had Youth Mayor's from them, he was inspired that Manchester should have a Youth Mayor.

Action taken to bring about a Youth Mayor for Manchester

Kemoy's first step was to write an article to the Manchester Evening News explaining how London has Youth Mayor's and how he believes Manchester should have Youth Mayor, he informed them that he was willing to be the voice of the young people of Manchester.

He also stated:

"We need to start thinking about the younger generation of today and their needs, young people need role models in the communiy that they can look up and people that will listen and be the voice for them."

Kemoy has undergone interviews with big radio stations such as Real Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Manchester speaking about his ideas for Manchester Youth Mayor.

He has completed petitions and gained signatures of members of the public that supports the idea for a Manchester Youth Mayor. 

On the 1st November 2011 Kemoy had a meeting with a Councillor from Manchester City Council, The following was said "Manchester City Council in the coming months will be setting up a district council which all is welcome to join and also a Youth Council which will be a board of young people, from the youth council a Youth Mayor will be elected, we want Kemoy to support us on setting this up." 

 Work and Projects - 2012 - Onwards

 Kemoy and a few Ambassadors of Moss side has been thanked for supporting the Moss Side image campaign over the last year, he has been told that the results are really starting to show now and the media hve used a lot of positive stories. 

There was an organised photoshoot with Manchester Evening News which Kemoy attended and gave his views on Moss Side - I.E. why its a good place to live and why he wanted to be an ambassador for the campaign.

A spokesman for Manchester City Council, said:

"We can't thank the Moss Side ambassadors enough for being the collective voice that gives a true picture of Moss Side today. Each ambassador's story and 'can-do' attitude is representative of a big-spirited community, which is brimming with potential and the tenacity to quash outdated stereotypes." 

Work and Projects - 2013 

In April 2013, Kemoy worked with City South Housing in Manchester to apply for some funding for some activities for the Caribbean incentives elderly group he volunteered with in Moss Side to provide more resources such as dominoes, football games, TV, Game consoles etc.. This funding was successful.

In April 2013, Kemoy got 12 young people involved in a music project for 6 days in Manchester working with the Factory Youth Zone. They learned music skills and completed various performances at Unity FM & Manchester City Stadium. These young people are always on tour with kemoy as he manages their music and they are making Manchester proud and showing others that young people have amazing talent and can do great things.

In May 2013, Kemoy made partnerships with an IT Apprenticeship firm based in Manchester City Centre who was offering young people apprenticeships, he have promoted this to young people within the community who have been for interviews at the powerhouse in Moss side and have gained apprenticeships.

In May 2013, Kemoy worked with another person to set up a community fun day in Moss Side at the West Indian Sports and Social Club, A day jam packed with stalls outside with Music and inside with Face painting, Music and live entertainment. There were a lot of wonderful talented youths performing on stage and dancers. Britain's got Talent dancers Shockarellas came to perform before their finale on the show. There were a lot of people inside to watch the performances and there was a lot of positive vibes throughout the day!! 

In September 2013, Kemoy attended a Policy and Parliament training learning how Parliament works and learning more about what an MP does for a constituency and a local councillor, the group looked at what is the House of Lords, house of Parliament and the Monarch.

Work and Projects - 2014

In year 2014 Kemoy achieved:

• Hosted at various events over the year and being an inspirational speaker!

•  Completed a lot of djing and have completed 263 parties/events for 2014.

• KYSO team Completed over 60+ events during the year!

•  Kemoy Received a special achievement award for community work from Manchester Community Gospel.

•  Helped over 100+ people into work, training or education.

•  Joined Legacy FM.

•  Took Part in a Manchester Sleepout, sleeping on the streets to raise awareness of homelessness.

•  Kemoy and his boys group were Featured in a Stockport MP report which was mentioned on national TV regarding sexual exploitation.

•  Slept on top of a mountain that was 890 metres high.

•  Became an Electoral Ambassador for Manchester City Council. 

•  Completed a Memorial event for Jessie James and Dale Gordon and hosted this with amazing performers.

Year 2015-17

• Feb 2015 - Mosscare Housing presented Kemoy with an award for contributions to them and to young people in the community.

• Kemoy appeared on ITV Granada News talking about youth and community.

• Kemoy receives ABC Level 3 Diploma in Youth Work Practice.

•Kemoy gets involved with Parklife Manchester 2016/17.

•Kemoy gets involved in the Catwalk during Summer in Picadilly Gardens and the amazing opportunities through Manchester International Festival.

•Continuous work with the Homeless and raising awareness.

•Kemoy hosted Manchester Carnival Main Stage with team KYSO in 2017.

•Co-Hosting on the Bigga Fish stage at London Carnival in 2017.

• KYSO being successful with other partners in a Christmas Advert with Co-op in 2017 because of all their hard work and this will be shown during Christmas.

• Completed 350 DJ Bookings between 2015-17.

Year 2018-19

•Being featured in the Voice Newspaper in 2019 which is a London Newspaper for BME people who are doing good work across their City.

•Completing talks and presentations in Manchester Schools during 2018/19.

•Receiving Awards and Certificates for outstanding contribution in the community/Manchester during 2018/19.

• Performing at Manchester City and Parklife 2018/19 – Creating good links and Partnership.

Featured on ITV News, Channel 4 and other channels during 2019, speaking passionately about Moss Side.

Year 2020

• Kemoy gets appointed a Youth Minister in church.

• Kemoy gets involved in BLM Protest in Manchester and also appeared on BBC North west the following day with young people from the community.

• Kemoy graduates from Staffordshire University with a Foundation Degree in Arts Education 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, from March 2020 - Many activities have been put on pause.


• Kemoy gets NPQML Qualification from the DFE.

• Kemoy DJ's at Manchester Parklife 2021.

Kemoy gets on the Panel, Following the Panel interview to become a local UK Labour councillor - Kemoy has been recommended to the City Party for inclusion on the panel of candidates for the 2022 municipal elections.

  • Kemoy has been chosen as the 2022 Nelson Mandela Winner.

  • Finally finished a 18 month course Dec 2022 at The University of Bolton - BA (HONS) Professional Development in Education.

  • Completed a series of CPD and training, including Mental Health First Aid and more..

It’s been a blessed year, thank you everyone for your support!

  • I received my BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Development in Education from the University of Bolton.
  • Thank you to the Growth Company for the last 18 months of studies, they were amazing to myself and the students.
A big thank you to all who supported me.
You set the bar, and God will raise it every time. 🙌🏽📚 #forHisglory
So chuffed ❤️✌🏾👍🏽

Foundation Degree Arts Education ✅️
National Professional Qualification in Middle Leadership ✅️
BA (Hons) Professional Development in Education - 2.1.


Background information
Birth name Kemoy Carlton Walker
Also known as Keem
Born 21 October 1990 (1985-10-) (age 32)
Origin Moss side, Manchester, England
Music Liked Dance, RnB, House, Funky house, Afrobeats.
Occupations Youth Worker Leader, Head of Year, CEO (KYSO)
Years active 1990–present
Favourite Food:

Rice & Peas, Jerk chicken split, Chicken split, Dumpling & Ackee

Favourite Drink:

KA Pineapple, KA Fruit punch, Rubicon Mango

Personal Achievements 

Kemoy completed a Teaching Assistant's course in 2007 and qualified as the youngest in Britain to complete this at age 16.

Kemoy won the young person's award in 2009 for outstanding social behaviour in the community for completing voluntary work and helping to change young people's lives.

Kemoy gained an Adult Teaching Qualification in 2010 at age 20, this award gives Kemoy the Threshold to Teach in post 16 education. 

Kemoy won the Inside Housing’s competition for young, aspiring journalists which was launched in October 2011 as part of the Riot Report. 

Here is the link:‘everyone-should-have-a-chance-to-prove-themselves’/6519815.article

Kemoy won the Manchester Peace Award in 2012 for making an outstanding contribution to the community of Moss Side.

Kemoy met her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the Manchester garden party in March 2012 to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Julibee, he was a announced as one of Manchester's diamond and was chosen out of many people to speak to the queen.

Kemoy attended the University of Salford on the 7th October to receive his graduation certificate. He has been on the Uprising programme from October 2012-October 2013. 

12th October 2013 - Kemoy attended The Challenge Network Graduation, Completes a Speech to a large audience and receives a certificate. 

30th October 2013 - Manchester Metropolitan University Awards to Kemoy Walker for Mentoring: Clarifying the concept and gaining the skills to Mentor. 

November 2014 - Kemoy receives a MCG Special Achievement Award for doing amazing work in the community.

Feb 2015 - Mosscare Housing presented kemoy with an award for contributions to them and to young people in the community.

May 2015 - Kemoy receives a ABC Level 3 Diploma in Youth Work Practice.

August 2015 - The Jamaican Society Awarded Kemoy with an award for services to the community. 

June 2016 - Prime minister 546th Points of light awards.

November 3rd 2017 - Runner up - Youth Buzz Awards 2017 - KYSO.
August 8th 2020 -  In 2018/20  I studied a Foundation Degree in Arts Education course at Staffordshire University, I got the following message upon completion on 7th August 2020, Congratulations, you have now completed your studies and the Award Board agreed that you be awarded: 

Foundation Degree of Arts Education, Pass.

Jan 2022 - We are delighted to announce that Kemoy Walker has won the 2022 Nelson Mandela Award.

Kemoy says “Winning this award is a fantastic achievement. I do lots of things in my local community for the love and passion but it’s great to be recognised as a beacon of that community. It’s a massive achievement and I am so happy.”

March 2023 -  I received my BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Development in Education from the University of Bolton.

Wall of Achievement