3rd Feb 2024 - Kemoy receives the Educational Leadership Excellence Award Highly Commended at the Potential Unlocked Awards 2024.

Tonight at the potential unlocked awards 2024, it’s amazing to be given the Educational Leadership excellence award highly commended. 

I have been working in education since aged 16 amongst other things! 

I want to encourage more people to join the field of education, it’s important we inspire our young people and be their role models. great to be around greatness!

June 10/11th 2023 - Kemoy and the KYSO Collective will be playing at Manchester Parklife 2023.
Excited to be playing PARKLIFE FESTIVAL this summer!

With the amazing KYSO Collective Group.

If you are there, come see us!

Kemoy’s KYSO Group has won two awards at the #WeStandTogether & OSBAs Conference & Awards Dinner on 31st May 2023.

Myself and the Chair of KYSO attended the #WeStandTogether & OSBAs Conference & Awards Dinner

The Conference & Awards Dinner was an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful people and groups who have looked to bring communities together over the last two years. It comes as we commemorate 6 years since the attack at the Manchester Arena, which focused many of us on the need for more cohesion work.

KYSO | Where Young People Thrive was proud to receive two awards 2023:

1. We received an affiliate award 2023 for outstanding contribution & commitment to bringing communities together, an example has been the talent showcases at Powerhouse recently.

2. We have received a Peace Activist Award Highly Commended 2023, for bringing about peace within communities.

We are proud of these two awards and recent achievements - we continue to smash barriers and give hope, skills and life chances to all.

15th March 2023 - Kemoy Co-host the Power2 Graduation alongside the CEO of Power2, the venue was at Parrs Wood High School, it was a great night.
On this date, I was asked to co-host the Power 2 Graduation ceremony at Parrs Wood High School, around 300+ people attended this ceremony - I was able to hype them up and give them a blessed night, we awarded so many schools who took part in their teens and toddlers programme where high school students visit a nursery to mentor a little toddler, all these young people before joining the programme, had no self-confidence, low self-esteem and were having issues in school, since the programme, it improved them massively and they were proud to speak about the difference the programme made.

Normally I would have been djing at their graduation ceremony like I have done every year, however this year they switched it up and got me to help host with the CEO and award the schools who took part, it was a blessed night, connected with some schools, got a prom booking and met some ex students parents.

Hard work and perseverance is key.
7th March 2023 - Kemoy continues his weekly Zoom meeting with KYSO Project CIC, surprises were in store this time.
On Tuesdays, my group KYSO meets on Zoom, we talk about upcoming plans, share feedback and successes, hear team updates and lots more, we have been blessed tonight with an amazing surprise from Rapper @OfficialAitch - thanks to Latisha, one of our ambassadors and Champions.

The team were soo happy - it made their night - they don’t ever forget these memories.

We are always looking for guest speakers and people who can inspire the group, also any opportunities to share - get in touch.
Feb 2023 - Kemoy finishes up at the University of Bolton, Gaining a 2.1 degree in Professional development in Education.
Extremely pleased to say, I have now completed my studies at the university of Bolton.

BA (Hons) - Professional Development in Education, I got a 2.1.

I want to thank God for his blessings, so much has happened over the last 18 months whilst completing this degree. But I am happy to say I have finished university a second time and graduating again. The experiences I have gone through has honestly made me into the person I am today.

18 months of completing this Degree has been stressful, testing and a tense time in life but one of most fun, amazing and rewarding experiences and I wouldn’t change it for the world. To everyone who has supported me - thank you, you will have a special place in my heart.

I have been given a 1st in my dissertation with a 2.1 Overall!

Thank you God 

My dissertation was on ‘The Pandemic/Impact on young people, their mental health, then looking at ways of how to rebuild aspirations, resilience, leadership and better community engagement. lots of hard work - glad it paid off nicely! 

Happy to share..

Thank you!
06th October 2022 - Kemoy's youth group KYSO Project CIC wins "Inspiring Campaign" at The Manchester Spirit Awards 2022.

My community group @kysoclub won the inspiring campaign award at the #spiritofmcr22 - the young people led on a homelessness campaign in Manchester by getting items such as hats, gloves, scarves, food etc. They visited various areas of Manchester to give these out and more.


We are super proud of this achievement – well done Team.

25th April 2022 - Kemoy officially opens the new space at the old MSV's office on Great Western Street.

Proud moments on this date

Today was a proud moment, I was able to officially open the new Space at the old Mosscare office, Moss Side, this was formally the Mosscare St Vincent’s head office, which has now been changed into a community hub and care leavers accommodation, the space will also be used to offer training to young people in the community, support with employment and helping the young people with various opportunities in the community!

The programme is called - Positive Futures, helping people reskill and get into work and also having a lovely care leavers accommodation - all in one building.

Been proud to be MSV’s youth champion for 13 years and the big surprise of seeing my name on the plaque today opening the space was overwhelming and emotional moments.

21st March 2022 - Kemoy's KYSO Team perform at the Northern Power Woman Awards 2022.
Well done to KYSO team on this night for performing at the Northern Power Women Awards 2022. #NPWAwards #wearepower - We are so proud of the team.

Team KYSO!
Well done to our leader and DJ of the night too! Big up Faidat!

In front of 900 people tonight - wow
20th March 2022 - Kemoy gets an opportunity to host at the AO Arena for Coko Festival - Thanks to Wemi.
Thank you Manchester AO Arena, one of my dreams was always to perform or host in the AO Arena - formerly known as the MEN Arena, Manchester- that dream came through on Sunday 20th March 2022, thank you to Wemi and the team at Coko Festival for the opportunity, the love, the support and belief. Thanks to everyone who continues to believe in me and my talent - the event was fantastic, well done to all the DJ’s and everyone who smashed it. So proud!
18th January 2022 - Kemoy Walker wins the Nelson Mandela Award 2022 (Unison).

We are delighted to announce that Kemoy Walker has won the 2022 Nelson Mandela Award.

Kemoy says “Winning this award is a fantastic achievement. I do lots of things in my local community for the love and passion but it’s great to be recognised as a beacon of that community. It’s a massive achievement and I am so happy.”

What is the Nelson Mandela Award?

This award is given to those who exemplify Nelson Mandela’s values of determination, a desire for unity, and strength in the face of injustice. In gratitude to a great man who was an honorary member of UNISON, the National Black Members’ Committee continue to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela’s legacy and champion those who live by his standards.


31st October 2021 -  Kemoy becomes a qualified mental health first aider.

 Sharing some good news:

I completed my Mental Health First Aider course, It’s official now! Now a qualified mental health first aider! Appreciate the opportunity given to do this.  


The role of a Mental Health First Aider is to be a point of contact for an anyone who is experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. This interaction could range from having an initial conversation through to supporting the person to get appropriate help.

Kemoy mentioned: “We appreciate the opportunity given to do this.”

 #mhfirstaid #qualified

October 2021 -  Kemoy gets busy for Black History Month/gets featured in various places/meets musicians.
This year for #blackhistorymonth - Oasis Community Learning / OAMCUK we have focused on modern greats, trailblazers making an impact by breaking the glass ceiling for future generations. leadingequality.com/2021/10/05/bhm to follow our journey and free resources/downloads. #BHM

Great to meet and catch up with musician Headie One on 4th October 2021 at Flannels Fashion in Spinningfields - nice to see humble artist who have time for their fans, spent a couple of minutes and asked him to shout out

@kysoclub group, he done it. Thanks! Big up! Man like Headie! 

September 2021 -  Kemoy and team perform at CAHN Black History Month Event 

A fantastic event by Cahn, thank you for inviting me to DJ, a massive well done to @kysoclub for performing and everyone else who was involved. Big up to your team too CAHN! So proud of the work you guys continue to do for the community! #BHM2021 

August 2021 -  Kemoy and team meets a variety of musicians who completed a tour in the city.
Latest trends feat Aitch, J1xA1. 

Always great to see such top musicians coming to the community and giving back, many more musicians need to do this often, it really makes a difference!

They came with a tour bus with game consoles and much more! 
Wow - what a week - my youth group has had a blast with meeting so many musicians this week who has given back to community, often they don’t realised that young people need these opportunities as they listen to them, thank you to @TIONWAYNE for today! 

God bless! @kysoclub
17th August 2021 -  Kemoy and team spends the day at UA92 and Meet Gary Neville.
We are thankful for the great opportunities presented to young people and the chance to have great partnerships with many people including UA92 (University Academy '92) - throughout August we have been coming here and taking part in different activities - these activities have helped to give the team great skills such as confidence, listening, patience and life skills, they have been able to get training and advice on how to be confident on stage when pitching to an audience- they got a surprised today, pitching to Gary Neville - former footballer and one of UA92 founder, he was impressed and they all got good feedback, he even posted on his story!

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so proud of the team and their hard work, I really want to thank Karim West and Matthew Powell for supporting us all and delivering some key workshops and advice to the team, I am glad we will continue the amazing partnership work to mitigate disadvantage within communities and improving life chances for young people showing them opportunities such as going to university and improving their skills sets - thank you UA92 (University Academy '92).
6th August 2021 -  Kemoy receives NPQML Certification from the Department For Education.
Kemoy Walker NPQML
I'm thrilled to have achieved the NPQML qualification from the Department for Education, So happy and super grateful to the wonderful staff at school for getting fully onboard throughout so that my project was successful!
NPQML- National Professional Qualification
for Middle Leadership.
I completed this during the pandemic.
Thank you to everyone who inspired me to continue making a difference in education.
26th July 2021 -  Kemoy mets Santan Dave (Musician)
A great role model and Artist here… man like Santan Dave, a great opportunity on this date to meet and greet and get a CD signed, we spent a while queuing up then getting the chance to meet him, he played some songs for us on the piano and guitar then we done a Q&A session. 

Unfortunately not everyone got the chance so we are grateful. 

Proud of him. Keep smashing it.
8th July 2021 -  Kemoy achieves NPQML - National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership.
I’ve had my NPQML results and I’ve passed! So happy and super grateful to our wonderful staff at school for getting fully onboard throughout so that my project was successful!

NPQML- National Professional Qualification
for Middle Leadership.

3rd July 2021 -  Kemoy and team perform at Manchester International Festival - Cathedral Gardens.
On Saturday 03.07.21 - we put KYSO on the map!! We performed at Manchester International Festival  - the performances from start to finish was exemplary! So a massive well done to the two drummers (Tegra and David), Youseff (Rapper) Ghana Twinz -Denz/Elorm (dancers) -Tyresse (Dancer) Rachel (Singer) Denz (solo) Judith/Crystabel (Dancers) Peace/Maame (Dancer) A huge big up to our stage manager (Hallie-C) who impressed MIF so much - she was spoken to about her impressive work! Thanks to Faidat (Our Leader) for ensuring members were okay.

A huge well done to Olivia/Kemoy B for hosting and keeping the environment alive! finally a huge thanks to the hype of our wider team who supported throughout and created a buzz in the middle of the stage area - they were amazing! Big up DJ David - We thank MIF for having us at heart again.
22nd June 2021 -  Kemoy gets drawing completed by MIF, also a poem was created.

I just wanted to share this – I worked on a project with Manchester International festival, I had a meeting with them and someone came in to draw a portrait of myself and listen to me speak about growing up in Manchester- he turned it into a poem.

 Everything was finalised and they sent this to my home, they have invited me to come to another link up!

Opening doors is what we continue to do and provide key opportunities- this is why I always say grab them with open arms! 

The Poem is called My Home.
20th June 2021 -  Kemoy and team does cycling from Moss Side to Oldham - 32 miles in total.
An amazing bike ride trip to Dove Stone Reservoir from Moss Side. 32 miles in total. 

well done to everyone! 

To go Blackpool only is 32 miles.
2nd June 2021 -  Kemoy and KYSO Member get free clothing from amazing store Lululemon.

On this date, me and Faidat went to lululemon store (St Anne’s Square) and got given some free Merch, big up to Leroy and team for looking after us -really good day. they will be in touch again soon!

25th May 2021 -  Kemoy and KYSO Team take part in health and fitness sessions in local community park.

Sports day (25th May 2021) was incredible, we say what we mean and mean what we say and it was really well attended again, thank you to those who came though, we had treats and goodies to take away, bags with masks, some of the team has also been selected to get some merch soon!

A huge thanks to Jessicarr, Kim, Meghan and Leroy for their time and doing different sessions with us, they looked after us so well in Alexandra Park and replenishing us with snacks and more!!

13th Jan 2021 -  See January updates below from Kemoy Walker

13th Jan 2021 - Glad to be elected BAME Officer for the Moss Side Labour Party, really passionate about chance and will be making this a priority- especially following #BLM - it’s even more important voices are heard. Thanks to the ward for selecting me, great to give 10 years’ service to the party.

13th Jan 2020 - Kemoy B - on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music - Intro and All stars feat WK Jeezy and Yael - support the movement.

Likkle Jamaican thing on there too.

1st Jan 2021 -  Kemoy gets two year contract with Buzz Talent. (Modelling/TV)
Kemoy is happy to share that he has signed a two Year modelling, TV contract with Buzz Talent.

Welcome to the world of BUZZ TALENT - a nationwide talent agency representing commercial models, actors (Spotlight and non-spotlight) dancers, singers and clients wishing to be on TV shows and productions (REALITY AND NON REALITY)

We also have a specialised department for high-end editorial (national and international  BUZZ MODE ) 

24th Dec 2020 -  Kemoy features on BBC Radio 5 Live discussing Youth Work and The Pandemic.
Ben Zand sits in with late night conversation, the stories that matter to you, and in-depth interviews.

The story was regarding youth work and the Pandemic, Kemoy and another Youth Worker shared their thoughts.

Some bits were recorded below for you to listen to, click below.

BBC Radio 5 Live 24.12.20.mp3

21st Dec 2020 -  Kemoy features on ITV Granada News - Advert Heroes 21.12.20
Granada Reports Advent Heroes: Day 21 - Kemoy Walker

Kemoy Walker is a youth worker in Moss Side. He has been working during the pandemic mentoring, running instagram live sessions and activities to help improve the mental health of young people.

Each day throughout December, ITV Granada are taking a look at people in the North West who have gone above and beyond for their community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Communities have pulled together in many ways, and over the next 24 days, ITV Granada will be speaking to charity fundraisers, mental health advocates and even entertainers, all of whom have played a part in putting a smile on people's faces during a tough year.

Kemoy spoke about the importance of community work during this time especially healing our communities and supporting those with mental health, he shared how we have coped during the Pandemic and plans for 2021.
10th Dec 2020 -  Kemoy's completes a short interview with ITV Granada Reports.
On this date I done an interview with ITV Granada Reports - I spoke about the importance of community work during these time especially healing our communities and supporting those with mental health, I shared how we have coped during the Pandemic and plans for 2021.

Watch this space! More to follow soon on TV air date.
10th Dec 2020 -  Kemoy's KYSO Group wins Community Group of the Year 2020 at the MSV Housing Awards.
My Group KYSO are the winners of the Community Group of the Year Award 2020!  

These members went above and beyond during summer 2020 with helping with free school meals in the community and volunteering at the local food bank, they have show passion, commitment and community values. We are proud of the team, throughout lockdown they have kept other people’s mental health at good levels with the great support they offered. Well done TEAM KYSO.

We are so proud @kysoclub
3rd Dec 2020 -  Kemoy organises virtual inspirational assembly on Zoom with Musician Aitch for SMRCHS.
So great to have organised a virtual assembly with the whole school interviewing ex pupil and musician Aitch for SMRCHS, this was seen by all forms, staff and students working from home.

Aitch gave some inspiring words of wisdom to over 1,000 students and staff.
He has also agreed to give some merchandise, hats, gloves, clothing and more to the school, giving back and making a difference.

We need more of that. 

24th Nov - 5th Dec 2020 -  Kemoy organises a 2 week Career Session on Zoom for young people in Manchester.
Kemoy is proud that on behalf of his group KYSO, There was a Careers session organised over Nov/Dec 2020 - this was over two weeks to bring industry and professional speakers from various careers to come and speak to young people on Zoom about their journey and qualifications to help young people decide on career goals, this helped with aspirations, motivating them and giving them advice, this ran successfully and Kemoy was impressed to see many young people turning up and asking questions.

@kysoclub - continuing to make a difference - improving life chances and mitigating disadvantage.
10th Nov 2020 -  Kemoy reflects and celebrates 21 Years in the Entertainment Industry.
Celebrating 21 Years of DJing/Hosting and making impact across the UK.

I am so proud to have come so far and some of you will imagine the shouts and parties we have shelled down over the years, thank you all for your support over the years!
I have enjoyed it and had many great memories.
2nd Nov - 7th Nov 2020 -  Kemoy and Youth Workers Celebrate Youth Work Week.

What makes Kemoy ambitious about youth work?

To celebrate the start of Youth Work Week 2020, Kemoy talks about his 15 years of experience in the youth work sector and the ambition it gives him to keep making a positive difference, Kemoy mentions that doing youth work ensures that young people get the best life chances in society and we are also mitigating disadvantages within communities, he is proud to be doing one of the best jobs in the world.

Find out more: http://orlo.uk/jnymO


30th October 2020 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO Take part in Graffiti Workshop at Powerhouse, Moss Side.

On this date, members of KYSO took part in a graffiti workshop at Powerhouse, big up Daniel, RB, Rachel, Shakira, Elsbeth, IFY, Miriam and Yael. All of the above attended and got a certificate and £10 voucher. Well done guys! They have graduated from the school of graffiti, parents will be proud when they seen the designs, they also designed a KYSO board showcasing our values. They showcased how we are as a team, the Graffiti Artist really loved the team. Great teamwork! 

 We are team KYSO.

October 2020 - Black History Month

As we come to an end of Black History Month soon, there shouldn’t be an end, we need to start embedding changes everywhere so it’s not only celebrated 1 month in a year, we need to celebrate all cultures all the time and implement great changes in our schools/work places so many young people can be inspired to become teachers, doctors, lawyers etc..and every role out there we see others doing! It’s important we also help young people to aspire to get into these roles to make changes too, we can’t wait on others to do it for us because it might not be done, let’s help others be change makers too and we can see future prime ministers etc..

Come on people, let’s sort this.

Change needs to come ASAP. 

5th October 2020 -  Kemoy is featured in the Advocate (Stockport) Newspaper for Black History Month.

Proud to be featured in the Advocate Newspaper for Black History Month.  We need to continue showing our young people and others positive role models in our community. 

For the full newspaper - drop me a message and I will send you a copy. 

God is good.

22nd August 2020 -  Kemoy gets a letter from the CEO of MSV Housing during the summer holidays.
It was nice to wake up to a letter from the CEO of my housing - Mosscare, sometimes we do things in life for the passion we have and wanting to continuing making a difference, it nice when others recognise the work you are doing and reward you for it, Thank you Mosscare, this year has been difficult in many ways so being able to still do work in the community following government guidelines has been different and sometimes difficult but we still done it. God is good.

We ran playscheme in the community following guidelines for 4 weeks, bike workshops and bike rides over the holidays, daily free pack lunches in the park (young people volunteering) and much more - giving young people something to do other than staying at home and it impacting on their mental health, they were able to get involved in community work over the summer.

Continue to make a difference. 
21st August 2020 -  Kemoy completes 4 weeks of Playscheme at Powerhouse, Moss Side.
A fantastic 4 weeks leading Playscheme sessions at Powerhouse, Moss Side - it brought memories of past Playschemes we have done there with many young people, this year we supported and helped many parents and made impact to over 100+ young people, giving them life skills and activities to help them improve team work, communication and general youth and play. - Thank you to Lisa for the opportunity!
On the last day, we enjoyed some lovely food made by one of our community members Jodeci who made us some amazing rice and peas, curry chicken, fried chicken, white rice etc..we also had many other food and donations from members of the community, the food was finished within minutes - then we enjoyed a fantastic dance off with lots of prizes. Loved every minute. Thanks to the community for bringing their child at some point during the weeks and feedback has been incredible!
13th August 2020 -  Kemoy's KYSO group becomes finalist in the OSBA's Award 2020.
The OSBA’s Award 2020 - Kemoy's group Kysoclub were finalist for the Community Cohesion/Diversity Award on this date at the OSBA's. The award recognises groups who have been instrumental in bringing together diverse groups in the community for positive change. 
Kemoy said:
"Thank you Carisma for their hard work with all the awards under the difficult circumstances. 

Well done to everyone else who either won or were Finalist."
7th August 2020 -  Kemoy graduates from Staffordshire University with a Foundation Degree in Arts Education, Pass.

In 2018/20  I studied a Foundation Degree in Arts Education course at Staffordshire University, I got the following message upon completion on 7th August 2020, Congratulations, you have now completed your studies and the Award Board agreed that you be awarded: 

Foundation Degree of Arts Education, Pass.

Kemoy said: "I am so Proud, another qualification under my belt, thanks to my tutors Cath and Sharon for their help and support throughout the 2 years especially Cath. I had a fantastic time on the course."

24th July 2020 -  Kemoy completes socially distancing bike workshop with team KYSO.
A very socially distancing Bike workshop on this date delivered by myself (Kemoy) with the amazing young people in the community of Moss Side next to Powerhouse.

Members of the community came past and loved seeing so many young people doing good work and making a difference.
We can look at doing more of these in the near future, on this date was a test run.
22nd July 2020 -  Kemoy completes modelling work for Cultureville.
Great Video/Modelling shoot on this date with Cultureville at Formby Beach - Great to represent the different cultures too. Big up to the organisers for a great day.

Thanks to Adeola and Jane for involving myself and the Team KYSO.

You can follow them on instagram at: @cultureville
16th June 2020 -  Kemoy appears on BBC North West Tonight Programme.
‪We are all passionate about #BLM - to hear the news that someone wants to trademark “Black Lives Matter” and “I cant breathe” to make profit is insensitive and unacceptable.
There is a history to this!!!
We all need to make a stand to ensure this does not happen.

9th June 2020 -  Kemoy and team appears on BBC North West Tonight Programme.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in BBC North West Tonight on this date - you have heard some real life stories and experiences which many people face regularly. Enough is enough - change needs to happen. 

Well done to the amazing young people, proud of them.

Thanks Time, Olivia, Carlia for taking part. Thanks to Simone Riley for the opportunity.

7th June 2020 -  Kemoy supports the BLM Movement and attends protest.

On Sunday 7th June 2020 -  I was proud to speak at the Black Lives Matter Protest in St Peters Square, Manchester. Enough is enough and real change is needed. I am tired of seeing people being mistreated because of the colour of their skin. I am tired of how people stereotype me and others because of where we come from (Moss Side).

I am tired of people not listening when we speak for change. Today and the last few days we have been standing and speaking for change. I won’t allow us to silenced anymore.

I am black, I am proud and I matter.

Thanks to the organisers for giving me a chance to speak. Thanks Medy

Akemia Minott - thank you

2nd June 2020 -  Kemoy works with organisation Power 2 to speak about mental health for young people returning back to school.

Lockdown is impacting us all, but for some young people it has been particularly tough. We spoke to Kemoy Walker, from SMRCHS, about some of the mental health challenges being made worse by lockdown, why he never gives up on young people, and why mental health support needs to be a top priority as lockdown eases.



18th May 2020 -  Happy Mental Health Awareness week!

This year the theme is kindness and #speakyourmind. Obviously in the current situation it's never been more important to talk, so the emphasis is on talking about how you have overcome difficulties in this time or sharing a positive, motivational message to help others. It would be great to share some messages with our young people, you can take part and inbox me something to share in our youth groups.

I recorded one and shared it with others. You can watch it here…


16th May 2020 -  Kemoy gets local support during Lockdown period.

As you all know the lockdown period has really affected

many young people and due to strict government

guidelines we are not able to do face to face youth work,

so many activities have been taken place online using

Zoom, Instagram live and much more, most of our young

people live in communities where they don’t have

resources for them to connect online - I am so grateful that

we have amazing people from the local community and

on here who recognises the barriers and can give an

helping hand - a huge thanks to Selwyn Stephenson for

donating some tablets to our KYSO young people in Moss

Side and beyond

thank you so much!

God will bless you forever! Team KYSO are grateful, when I

delivered one on this date, a parent nearly cried - they had

no electronics in the house. Thanks.

11th May 2020 -  A documentary project looking into the impact of one of south Manchester’s longest-running youth centres is airing on local radio.

A documentary project looking into the impact of one of south Manchester’s longest-running youth centres is airing on local radio.

A Moss Side Story on Unity Radio 92.8FM follows the youth workers of the Hideaway Youth Project in Moss Side and how it has been able to inspire and help change the lives of the many people who attend it.

The idea came about after Charlie Fyfe-Williams, 25, attended a talk by Kemoy Walker, a youth worker focused on creative arts and performances at the centre.

“The talk really inspired me - He spoke about the story of Hideaway and how it had impacted the community,” Charlie told the Manchester Evening News.

You can read more here..



10th March 2020 -  A Great Week at SMRCHS - Organising some amazing community events.
On 10th March 2020 - We had the Mental Emotional Health Roadshow in the Assembly Hall, the main aim was to inform and equip young people around the topic of keeping positive mental and emotional health. There was also some short performances which the students got involved in, their behaviour was excellent (Fantastic) – was very proud. We had Year 9 Period 1 and year 7 Period 2.
There was some stories that was shared on the screens showing people who went through depression and anxiety, it really touched a few student, I think the message allowed students to reflect and think of others as well as their own mental and emotional health. Well done to Year 9 and Year 7’s for being amazing. Thanks to all the staff who supported this lesson.
We had our amazing Community talent Show in the Hall on 10th March 2020, we had an excellent turn out from the community, local councillors and parents who helped with the raffle - Thank you all for your support with the raffles donations, parents were so happy. The talent last and the students were amazing, we are so proud, Thank you to our head boy and head girl for hosting this event, thank you to the judge who were fantastic, thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen in SMRCHS. Thanks to the headteacher for speaking to the crowd and addressing them at the end and finishing us off.
Our councillors feedback was incredible. Thanks to the parents from the Year 9 Forum for their support too. Thanks to Facilities staff, security and operations.
Also to the Catering team too for the Tea and Coffee.
29th February 2020 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO attends Labour Manifesto Review Event in North Manchester.
On this date - we attended a Labour Manifesto Review Event in North Manchester where I facilitated a session around Neighbourhoods and communities with some of the young stars of KYSO, leading round table discussions on the policy areas of the topic above, sharing personal experiences in this area and giving ideas, we also had debates on community issues and the team rotated to other groups. I learnt a lot about other communities and the work some people do to bring their communities together, we developed a statement of ideas which will be presented to the city party soon!

Thanks Roberto, Jayda and Shakira for coming along and networking, also sharing ideas.
28th February 2020 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO attends Youth Buzz Awards 2020, KYSO also performs on the night.
Manchester City Council Youth Buzz Awards 2020 - What a great evening on this date, many great workers of young people and young people who are doing fantastic work in our city. It was a privilege that KYSO got the opportunity to be the performers of the night, thanks to the youth council for selecting us. Big up to young people across our city doing amazing work on a daily basis and making impact! They are the future and we have to support them.

Big up Team KYSO - inspiring, nurturing and develop our young people of the future! 
30th January 2020 -  Kemoy DJ's in Manchester at the Teens and Toddler's Award Ceremony.
A brilliant night on this date, djing at Parrs Wood High school for the Teens and Toddlers awards ceremony 2020.

The event celebrates and reward young people for the great work they do in the community and in local primary schools, mentoring young people.

It was an amazing turnout of parents, teachers and young people and the feedback was great.
25th January 2020 -  Kemoy gets appointed as a youth Minister in local church.

Got appointed on this date as a Youth Minister.

We pray in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit! Thanking god for blessing me. Since I was 7 years old I said in jamaica I always wanted to become a Pastor or Youth Worker, I achieved both. 

God is good.


20th January 2020 -  Kemoy and staff organise Goals and Aspirations week at Hideaway Youth Project.

These amazing people came and done some great work in the youth club tonight ! Thank you for inspiring our young people! 

As part of our goals and aspirations week, we invited some speakers who are local to come and speak about the jobs they do to give some inspiration to the young people.

I am very proud of how the night worked, all I can say is great things happen here!

2nd January 2020 -  Kemoy and his team celebrated Success at The KYSO Awards 2020.

On the 2nd January 2020 we celebrated our KYSO Awards, it has been the best so far, thanks to everyone for your support over the year 2019, the food was great. Thanks to Tiwi and crew.

Thanks to the performers, SLT, leaders, volunteers, partners, team members and our Hosts for the night Tiwi and Hallie....Thanks the team for all their efforts, we started the new year celebrating our achievements from last year, reflecting on how we can make a better 2020, big up to our amazing team, groups and members for making our team the best in the world.

Thank you UK Fast for hosting us, we appreciate it, thank you. 

Thanks to MSV Housing for the sponsorship.

25th December 2019 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO Volunteer during Christmas Day.

Each year on Christmas Day we always help Manchester South Central Food-bank at St Marys primary school in Moss Side for their Annual community Christmas Meal.

It was a brilliant day, thank you to the KYSO members and volunteers who came to help out, you lovely people. It’s always an amazing thing to do every year, thanks for having myself as the yearly DJ and entertainment also.

they are always looking for volunteers, get in touch.

Merry Christmas 

6th December 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO attends Hulme Winter Festival 2019.
Hulme Winter Festival 2019 was AMAZING like it is every year, thanks Lee-Ann for booking and Team KYSO!
Well done to all the young stars in the local community. Also one MCR Housing , Ascension Hulme , MCC, Martenscroft, Holy Name School, Lee Glover and all those involved. Community work is the best!
30th November 2019 - Kemoy and KYSO team take part in St Helen's lights switch on. 
One of our main KYSO’s aim is to provide great Opportunities for all members in the group, we do this regularly, on this date, we was given the opportunity to perform in St Helens for their Christmas light switch on...it was such a good experience for members who don’t come out of Manchester regularly, we had a great day partying and performing for the St Helens crew. Thank you to our Ambassador Aaron for the gig link.

16th November 2019 - Kemoy and team take part in KYSO Bootcamp/Sports Day in Alexandra Park, Manchester.

On this date, we had an amazing workout in Alexandra Park - delivered for free by amazing partners who wanted to give back to the community, they done an amazing fitness session for KYSO Club. 

Great to see organisations giving back, especially something for our young people.

Thank you to Kim, Cavan, Ash and jess for looking after us. You are all the best.

Health and well-being.

13th November 2019 - Kemoy and team performs at 02 Ritz, Manchester for Mr Eazi Concert.
I have always want to host at the 02 Ritz in Manchester - last night I got the opportunity and I am so grateful... a massive thank you to wemi and cocobar for allowing me to host the first hour of Mr Eazi’s concert - it was a fantastic show, great audience and performances from many excellent musicians - I am still gassed, shout out all the DJs and everyone. 
Man is a legend, man like Sneakbo, I have been listening to this guy since I was 16 years old.. if you don’t know then get to know.... Sneakbo, Let me show you the wave..
10th November 2019 - Kemoy and team meets Aitch. (Artist)
‪Good times with good people, great to see Artist Aitch at tonight’s booking..

Very humble guy! Link up again soon!

Hard work and perseverance. 
October 2019 - Kemoy shares the great work that taken place during October 2019.

My school in North Manchester completed some amazing work throughout Black History Month - We have been able change the school menu each Thursday with cultural foods such as rice and peas, Jerk chicken, Curry chicken, African foods and much more..we invited in local parents to come and make food for students and staff to have taster sessions after school, each form time throughout the month - students learnt each day of the great contributions made by black people across the world - I also delivered assemblies throughout this week and inviting the students to perform songs of different cultures, also speaking to them about history and role models. I spoke about some of our community role models who are making a difference. It has been a great month of celebrations and working together with staff, parents and students to make some amazing things happen. Manchester is such a diverse and beautiful City, we have to share the contributions made by all, to inspire others.


29th October 2019 - Kemoy and team KYSO attends Black History Month and Solidarity In Tech's 2nd-year Anniversary at UK Fast, Manchester.

It was great to be invited to the Black History Month and Solidarity In Tech's 2nd-year Anniversary.

This was a networking and social event for the entire Manchester diversity-driven, Tech community. The event celebrated Black History Month too, learning first-hand from leaders in their industry, on their journey and the challenges faced and how they overcame them, along with key insights and call-to-actions.

There was music and entertainment from Team KYSO, food, drinks, and dance. A great night.

Thanks Alex - Chair of KYSO for the booking and high praise to Dr. Elsa Zekeng and Jamal for their amazing hospitality and support.

26th October 2019 - Kemoy gets inspired from another student in Greater Manchester.
Sent from a Teacher in another school in Greater Manchester. 

From one of their students.

Heartwarming and Grateful. 

19th October 2019 - Kemoy and team KYSO attends the Manchester Sports Award 2019 at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester.
Manchester Sports Award 2019 On this date, We were at the hashtagMCRsportsawards, it was a fantastic evening celebrating all the great sport & physical activity across our amazing city in Manchester. Thank you to Cllr Rahman for inviting team KYSO, we appreciate it. We also met Boxer Anthony Crolla - So humble - Good Luck on your upcoming fight.

God bless
Good luck to everyone!
18th October 2019 - Kemoy and team KYSO get invited to perform at Manchester Academy High School, Moss Side.
For Black History Month - I was invited back into my old school Manchester Academy to speak to students about community work and being a positive role model for young people. It was great to share my experience and talk about who inspires me growing up, I named many Facebook friends, Teachers and mentors who have thought me great things growing up, Thank you to everyone who has played a role in my life. I also brought our amazing KYSO team to inspire the students through performing arts! We had a great time, such great partnerships.

God Bless
11th October 2019 - Kemoy and team KYSO get invited to CAHN Black History Month Gala/Dance 2019.
A lovely night last night at the CAHN Black History Month Gala Dinner at the Ethiad Stadium, the event brought everyone together to celebrate culture and diversity, A big shout out to our Laure (Deputy Leader of KYSO Trust) for getting the runner up award for Young Person of the year, I was very grateful that KYSO members got sponsored a table by good people for them to get a great experience, they all come looking amazing and smart. They took over the dance floor later on and showed the elders some dance moves. We met Britain’s got talent Kojo who delivered his great comedy, we met the Lord Mayor of Manchester and many other dignitaries, I was proud yet again to be the DJ for the evening, bringing everyone on the dance floor and creating history. We truly have amazing organisations in our communities putting together great events for people, well done to everyone who received an award on the night. God Bless :)
4th October 2019 - Kemoy does background work on ITV Coronation Street.
I was seen a few times during an episode from Coronation Street on Friday 04th October 2019- I played the role of a school Teacher during rehearsals for Bugsy Malone. I was featured a few times.

Thanks to Linton Management for the shout.

Hard work and Perseverance.
21st September 2019 - KYSO and team KYSO perform at Hulme 20th Anniversary event.

A great day at the Hulme 20th Anniversary event on this date, thanks to friends of Hulme and Cllr Igbon for the booking of team KYSO.

Giving back to the community is what we do best, we make events lit, we create impact!

A great turn out - big up to all the performers and DJ’s. 

Thank you.

19th September 2019 - KYSO Host/MC at 1MM event at the Manchester Art gallery.

It was great to be the host and MC at the 1MM event on this date at the Manchester Art Gallery - great to speak about the power of mentoring young people and how the role of a mentor is crucial in a persons development, this organisation helped me to become a mentor.

One Million Mentors’ aim is to ensure that every young person in the country has access to a trained mentor as they transition into adulthood. We believe that facilitating and investing in mentors will help to address the skills gap agenda and improve social cohesion.

1st September 2019 - KYSO and team finishes Performances for the Summer 2019 - Here is a recap.
Manchester - we done it!!! Our KYSO summer has now come to an end - let’s recap - the team completed 23 events this summer between July/August 2019!

We took part in amazing events such as London Carnival, Leeds Carnival, Manchester Carnival - Parklife 2019, Festival of Manchester - our biggest highlights.
On 01.09.19:
* We went to a church service based on international day, celebrating different cultures and coming today bringing togetherness and diversity. Thanks Francis and Eli for the invite.

* We say well done to Jayda, Michael and Ben who took part in a free two day radio workshop and graduated, they will be doing some filming soon!
Blessings upon blessings upon blessings - over the summer we are blessed for your amazing support Manchester- thanks for being with us and giving us support all the way, we appreciate you all.

* We took part in the Back 2 School event in Rec Park, Moss Side, great performances and the team again hyped up and made it work!

God bless
31st August 2019 - Kemoy and Team attends and perform at Festival of Manchester 2019.
Festival of Manchester 2019, that’s a wrap!! A huge thanks to KYSO Team who performed, well done Hallie, Sian and Daveann for organising auditions over the last few weeks. A great day with amazing people all day dancing up and doing good work. We were asked to perform on other stages throughout the day and we made impact! We learnt a lot about different cultures, joined in dances and met new people. Thank you for having us.
25th August 2019 - Kemoy and Team enjoy Nottinghill Carnival 2019 - Great one day.
‪Every year we get the opportunity to explore all the different festivals and Carnivals to get an experience, we loved NottingHill Carnival 2019. hashtag

Thanks and big up Flagzmasband for a great time.

Blessings upon blessings!

Our KYSO Team.
10th/11th August 2019 - Kemoy and Team enjoy Manchester Carnival 2019 - Great two days.
Manchester Carnival 2019 It was a privilege this year to run the Youth Stage at Manchester Carnival with KYSO Club, the KYSO team done incredible and made me proud, showcasing the talents of young people, singing, dancing, rapping and many more, we had so much talent from other musicians across the city..we can’t thank the people enough for their support and staying with us throughout the two days, big up to everyone for the support!

Thanks to the people behind the scenes who helped out Akeim Mundell, Akemia Minott, Lee-Ann Igbon and MCC- big up to the other stages too who done a great job!
We love you Manchester

13th July 2019 - Kemoy and KYSO Team takes part in Deans Trust Ardwick School Community Fete. 

On this date, the team joined me at Dean trust - Ardwick school for their community Fete, the event was amazing - thank you For the booking - dead proud of the team and students who took part.

Follow us on twitter/Instagram: @kysoclub

6th July 2019 - Kemoy and KYSO Team goes to watch Alphabus - Manchester International Festival.
Absolutely amazing show of Alphabus with Manchester International Festival. Great work from all involved - well done to the amazing cast. Thank you Ciaron Wilkinson for the tickets and for always looking out for my team and other community groups!

Well done to Young Identity Nicole May and everyone in your group. Big up hashtagFlexN
6th July 2019 - Kemoy and KYSO Team performs at Manchester Young Lives Community Fun Day.
Manchester Young Lives held a community day in Brookdale park, Newton Heath on this date with Cllrs and ward young ambassadors, it was event and great community atmosphere. Very impressed. Thanks to Lee-Ann Igbon and your team for always putting communities first. Always proud to DJ - thank you!!
05th July 2019 - Kemoy DJ's at DMSF Graduation at UK Fast.
Absolute privilege to be the DJ at Diane Modhal Sports Foundation's Graduation event at UK Fast, Manchester.

This is an amazing organisation that uses sport to inspire the next generation to be the best that they can, thank you for the opportunity to DJ and create such a good atmosphere. :)
June 23rd 2019 - Kemoy and KYSO Team take part in Manchester Day Parade 2019.

Manchester day parade 2019 which was a successful event, the programme went according to plan, we done extra and the staff and team loved us, big up everyone who came out to support!!

Thanks to team KYSO for their contributions this weekend. It’s been excellent, thank you!! All the people who supported, thank you, huge big up team, We keep on creating a legacy in the city. 

you are all superstars and I’m proud! 


June 22nd 2019 - Kemoy and KYSO perform at Windrush Event in Alexandra Park, Whalley Range.
It was great to be one of the Main Artist at the windrush event in Alexandra Park on this date, Team KYSO joined me and completed a series of dancing, I was proud of them.

It was a good day.
June 22nd 2019 - Kemoy DJ's and Team KYSO performs at Seymour Park Community Primary School.
Great community event on this date organised by Seymour Park Community Primary School. The headteacher Mr Rae who is leaving was also celebrated for his 15 years as headteacher. We all had fun, lovely community and children.
June 8/9th 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Team gets 2 amazing day at Parklike UK, Manchester.
Parklife gives team KYSO VIP tickets each year, rewarding those young people who give back to community and showcase positivity within Manchester.

Kemoy Thanks Managing Director of Parklife - Sacha Lord and Kim O'Brien - Operations Manager for their support each year.

Sacha Lord-Marchionne launched the Parklife Weekender music festival in 2010, initially at Platt Fields Park, then at Heaton Park.

Kemoy also got the opportunity to DJ at the VIP House Party Mansion on Sunday 9th June 2019, he mentioned the experience was overwhelming to pack out the VIP House Party and get everyone inside was mind blowing, he was thrilled with the outcome.

1st June 2019 -  Kemoy meets Dappy (Artist).


Under the stage name of Dappy, Costadinos Contostavlos.

He is well known for being the lead singer of London based grime, hip-hop, r&b and urban trio N-Dubz (named after the postcode of his hometown in London). 

30th May 2019 -  Kemoy meets Nafe Smallz (Artist).
Raised in the British town of Luton, some 30 miles northwest of London, Nafe Smallz started making a name for himself in the underground U.K. rap and grime scene in 2013 after the release of his first mixtape, New Year's Eve Special. A slew of online-only tracks appeared over the next year before he dropped his second mixtape, Ozone Music, in 2015. The following year Smallz was invited to perform a session on Charlie Sloth's influential Fire in the Booth series before rounding out the year opening for Skepta at his Alexandra Palace show. Smallz released a handful of tracks in 2017, including the woozy single Gucci, which arrived in December of that year. Wanna Know Ya followed at the beginning of 2018, before Smallz issued his third mixtape, Movie Music, featuring a number of guest collaborations with the likes of Stefflon DonChip, and Yung Fume.
27th May 2019 -  Westwood Street Team Organises Annual Mass 2K Community Fun Day in Moss Side.

This could have been a mini parklife really - A massive thanks to the Westwood street Team (Sweet T, Mikey Bupps, Little Billy, Max, lieutenant, Kemoy B)  for the hard work that went into planning the annual community fun day - thank you to Team KYSO and all the performers - the party crew on stage, DJ Davis and DJ David who held the day nicely with great music - thank you to all the acts who were on time and waited patiently - there was a lot of great feedback - we had people who travelled from Rochdale, Birmingham, Oldham, Middleton and many other places.

Can I say a massive thanks again to the audience for your support, they love the KYSO party crew. 

Shout out - Liv - Co-Host and many others from the team who played their part.

We are team KYSO

26th May 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO drive down to London for Youth Summit Festival.
It was great to host such an amazing and positive event in Lewisham, London on this date.

Thanks to Letisha for having myself and team KYSO down, always proud to be involved and to meet amazing people and musicians!
22nd May 2019 -  Kemoy organises key Memorial Events at School and Community to celebrate the 2 year Anniversary of the MEN Arena Attack.
On this date, I organised an assembly in school for 4 year groups as we pay tributes to victims of the MEN Arena Attack. Then later at the youth project we done the same, we had some fantastic performances too.
Please think of those who lost their lives 2 years ago today. Pray for all! .❤️
16th May 2019 -  Kemoy goes on MMTV Manchester as a special guest.
Manchester Music Television is an innovative new channel designed to bring you cutting edge shows, many of which are dedicated to and focused upon exposing Manchester’s opulent and eclectic music scene. 

Manchester is bursting with so much talent ready and waiting to be seen and heard and we are also inclusive of both signed and unsigned international artists, visiting Manchester from around the world.

It was great to be interviewed on on this date speaking all things community and life in Manchester! had a top night - got great opportunities from the interview. thank you.
11th May 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO work with Reclaim Charity to deliver a good event in Salford Park.
A successful event at Salford Ordsall Park on this date - A huge big up to everyone, everything ran smoothly!! Such a great day full of performance and entertainment.

We done some good competitions and whole community dance off. 

Thank you RECLAIM project - I was proud to DJ.‬
23rd April 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO appears in Manchester Evening Newspaper.
The closing event of the Manchester International Festival at Home arts venue

Manchester has always been renowned for its arts and culture offering but how much is it worth to the local economy?

With thousands of people pouring in for festivals, art galleries and entertainment the extra spends soon add up.

According to new figures from Marketing Manchester, the agency charged with promoting the region, tourism is worth £8.4bn per year and supports a total of almost 96,000 jobs.

Managing director Sheona Southern said: “Manchester’s vibrant arts and culture offer attracts people from around the world and is a hugely significant factor in providing the high quality of life that the city-region is now famous for.

"On any day of the week, in venues large and small, the arts are alive and well, helping to boost the economy, provide jobs for local people and attract investment."

Read more here:


19th April 2019 -  Kemoy gets a 12 months modelling contract.
I am now excited for this amazing journey into Modelling - Now represented by MOMCO.

15th April 2019 -  Kemoy inspires students at Mount Carmel Primary School, North Manchester.
Kemoy was invited into Mount Carmel Primary School, North Manchester to speak to year 5's and 6's about his life journey, meeting the Queen and receiving a letter from the Prime Minister.

Mount Carmel said: Wow!!! What an inspiration. Thank you Kemoy, you have really inspired us to work hard in order to do well in life. We hope to share our success with you in the near future!
13th April 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO complete a series of DJing with Manchester Young Lives, Moss Side and Hulme events.
A great two weeks easter holidays working with Manchester Young Lives doing lots of children fun days in Hulme and Moss Side, thanks to members of KYSO for their commitment and being excellent volunteers.

Love the young team of stars, they danced for hours. when I reflect and think that for 15 years I have been community work, I am very proud. Making impact with these young people and showing them positive ways, inspiring their minds.

Teaching and Learning.

Big up everyone! Amazing
30th March 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO attends Multicultural Festival in Blackburn.

It was great to be invited to a multicultural festival in Blackburn on this date, Our CEO Kemoy Walker shared his story on community work and how important youth workers and community engagement is to helping young people succeed. 

Well done to Telmos for winning joint first place with dance - KYSO is about teaching and learning and achieving great things, we are proud!! Thanks for the opportunity youth unlimited.

23rd March 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO attends Barbershop Masterclass Workshop.
On this date, team KYSO attended a masterclass Barbershop workshop after being so inspired by the show, this was held at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. The masterclass was delivered by a Royal Exchange facilitator and focused on music and dance movements from the show. We enjoyed it. Thank you to all the members who attended and thanks to Contact Theatre for supplying us with tickets to watch the show in the first place.
14th March 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO attends MSV Community Spirit Awards 2019.
We got second runner up for the MSV Community Spirit Award 2019. WE ARE PROUD - we are passionate about making a different to the community and creating impact around us. Thank you to MSV for their support to the team, on behalf of KYSO Trust - thank you to the supporters and everyone who continues to believe in us. KYSO was created to inspire, nurture and develop our young people. Kemoy B - CEO
7th March 2019 -  Kemoy and team KYSO attends The Royal Exchange Theatre to watch  Barbershop Chronicles.
On this date, we attended the Royal exchange Theatre in Manchester to watch barbershop Chronicles, it was such a lovely story and a great get together to look at all different aspects of performing arts including drama, it was very diverse and interesting to listen to the different talks of culture, the impact of slavery and modern day politics, we always turn out in style and make a huge impact wherever we go, it’s always sometime nice to get involved in as many different events and opportunities that KYSO asked to offer.

We continue to keep the main thing the main thing and be as proactive as we can, if we don’t get involved nothing happens so keep plugging the amazing opportunities around us.

2nd March 2019 -  Kemoy and the team got to meet people on an Exchange Programme, they talk to them about the community and also get involved in some filming about Manchester.
On this date it was great to speak to some young people who are on a exchange trip, some of them were from Italy and France. I spoke to them about Moss Side, my journey into youth work and KYSO!

Myself and the team got to do some filming, talking about Manchester. It was day 3 of the group guys being in the UK , they are Exploring cultural spaces in the city and holding important discussions around cultural access. Shout out to team KYSO club for coming through and sharing their knowledge of Manchester
Thanks for opportunity!
28th February 2019 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO performs at Reclaim "Drop the Mic Event".
It was so amazing at the 'Drop the Mic' event organised by RECLAIM project on this date. Reclaim support young working class activists fighting against social inequalities, it was a good night of music, poetry and politics shout out.

All of you are amazing!
1st February 2019 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO takes part in Manchester University ACS Cultural Talent showcase event.
On this date, we took part in a cultural talent show organised by . I was proud to be the host. Thanks for having us performing and taking part in your event, on behalf of team KYSO, big up and god bless.

We are team
29th January 2019 -  Kemoy KYSO Team members takes part in tile making workshop with MIF.
Great to have the team from KYSO Club down at the Tiles making workshop with MIF at Mayfield Depot, we are looking forward to visiting Festival Square this summer to see our finished tiles in July 2019.

"Great Experience for all who attended, brilliant night, we made some great tiles, cant wait to see them.
17th January 2019 -  Kemoy KYSO Team members organises college talent Show.
I am proud of the members from KYSO club on this date for putting on talent show as part of their college assignment, they done really well, they invited some of the team down.

Huge big up to everyone who came and showed some love, some of them performed too! really really proud. 

Big up Team KYSO! Thank you! 
14th January 2019 -  Kemoy meets Ryan Giggs, Former Manchester United football player.

The Manchester United Legend - Ryan Giggs

Hard work and Perseverance.

6th January 2019 -  Kemoy takes on a role as Doctor in New Netflix series "The Feed".
Dr Kemoy Walker 

With hard work and perseverance, anything is achievable! 

On this date, I was on set for the day as a Dr for a new series on Netflix.

Watch this space. 
1st January 2019 -  Kemoy volunteers on New Years day, Helping the less fortunate and providing an excellent entertainment service.
Kemoy received this excellent comment from the organisers Rainbow Suprise:

Once again to our Dj Kemoy walker who always does an amazing job what ever the event or occasion, he is such a nice humble and professional person, everyone loved you at the party Thank you from all of us until next time.
25th December 2018 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO Volunteer during Christmas Day.
Each year on Christmas Day we always help Manchester South Central Foodbank at St Marys primary school in MossSide for their Annual community Christmas Meal for those who are less fortunate. Brilliant event, thank you to the KYSO members and volunteers who came to help out, you lovely people. It’s always an amazing event every year, thanks for having our CEO Kemoy Walker as the yearly DJ and entertainment also.

Huge thanks to Sian, Berlz, Chris, Suma, Nadreka, BJ and friends, Lynne/Volunteers and everyone who continues to support, this is officially our last event of the year. We are team KYSO!
Merry Christmas
14th December 2018 -  Kemoy and his team celebrated Success at The KYSO Awards 2018.
On this night, we celebrated our KYSO Awards 2018, it has been the best so far, thanks to everyone for your support over the year, the food was great. Thanks to Miss B Catering for the food.

Thanks to the performers, SLT, leaders, members....Thanks for all your efforts team, we finish with a couple more events before the year comes to an end so we are excited. Big up to our amazing team, groups and members for making our team the best in the world. Kemoy B CEO
7th December 2018 -  Kemoy and team KYSO attends Hulme Winter Festival 2018.
Hulme Winter Festival 2018 was AMAZING like it is every year, thanks Lee-Ann for booking and Team KYSO!
Well done to all the young stars in the local community. Also one MCR Housing , Ascension Hulme , Colin, fire brigade, MYL, MCC, Martenscroft, Holy Name School, Loreto college and all those involved. Community work is the best!
30th November 2018 -  Kemoy and team KYSO attends Young MCR x JD Sports Talent showcase.
Thank you Young MCR and JD SPORTS for their invitation on this date, it was an amazing night celebrating the amazing talent across the city of Manchester, we had a good night, thanks for the goodies and treats! It was a pleasure co-hosting too! We are Team KYSO!
24th November 2018 -  Kemoy and team KYSO attends Northern Power Futures Festival 2018 and perform/take part in workshops.

At Northern Power Futures Festival everyone heard, learn and helped to shape the future of the North. There was a diverse range of talks, workshops, events and so much more driving forward and turning up the volume on Northern voices.

Northern Power Futures was a two-day festival with amazing speakers, practical panels, interactive workshops and sessions about all things work, community, culture, lifestyle and wellbeing. 

This event was for all interested in super charging their working life and having a voice in the North in one positive and interactive festival. 

Team KYSO performed and also took part in workshops all day.

23rd November 2018 -  Kemoy's team KYSO gets Finalist Certificate at the Youth Buzz Awards 2018, Well done!
Manchester’s Youth Buzz Awards are back! The awards recognise young people’s achievements and celebrate the amazing contributions young people make to our city and the communities in which they live. There were 13 award categories this year, ranging from Young Leader to the Equality and Diversity Award. 

I am so proud as CEO to lead a fantastic movement with amazing people, thanks to everyone who continue to make KYSO accomplish its goal, to inspire, nurture and develop young people in Manchester. A real accolade of more good work to come!!

Always great to be recognised!!

Our next journey is gaining outstanding next year! 2019.
11th November 2018 -  Kemoy and his young stars meet up with Lucy Powell - Manchester Central MP.
Brilliant meeting on this date with our amazing MP Lucy Powell, looking at how we can engage the BME community more in politics, I brought my two god children and my Niece to listen to how they can be future UK Labour members and be active in the community! We did campaigning later too!
8th November 2018 -  Kemoy and other amazing young people attend Bugzy Malone Concert.

Presented by The Warehouse Project & Manchester International Festival.

Young people accross Greater Manchester was given free tickets to attend the Bugzy Malone "Be Inspired" Tour Concert.

Bugzy Malone gave Manchester a voice in the London-dominated grime scene, his beats are packed with earnest lyricism and resilience, young people got the chance tohear them at Mayfield on the 8th November 2018.

Kemoy said "A huge thanks to the organisations that arrange for young people to attend free, young people were inspired but most of all grateful."

6th November 2018 -  Kemoy attends Breakfast meeting with Power 2 and meets Gary Neville.
‪Great breakfast meeting discussing hashtagSocialmobility With @power2org And hearing the views of Manchester United ex Footballer Gary Neville and plans for his new university UA92MCR.

Thank you for having me on the Panel, giving views on community work and wanting more opportunities for our young people!

A big thanks to the team at Deloitte Manchester for organising and hosting such a useful seminar.

26th October 2018 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO visit ITV Granada News for a Tour.
I can't thank ITV Granada enough for giving team KYSO an opportunity on this date to come and shadow their team at Media City, it was great to meet my role model Tony Morris who is a news Legend, he is an excellent role model to a lot of young people. Great tour - ITV Granada Reports
12th October 2018 -  Kemoy and Team KYSO perform at The Manchester College - Harpurhey.
Had a brilliant afternoon at The Manchester College with Team KYSO, inspiring young people, talking about our Journey and the setting up KYSO. I also talked about my life and coming from Jamaica. The students were truly inspired, I will be going to more colleges inspiring more minds. Thank you Charelle for the opportunity.
10th October 2018 -  Kemoy speaks at the Met University - Manchester (Journey and Life story).
‪It was a pleasure today to be invited to speak at the University of Manchester to students who are doing BA's Honours and Masters degrees in many different fields, sharing my journey and life story, inspiring minds and inviting them to come out and work with our amazing young people!

Kemoy Walker
5th October 2018 -  Kemoy and KYSO Team complete performance in Newton Heath, Manchester.
On this date at Manchester Academy School in Moss Side, a fantastic 20 mins of flash mob dance featuring Ghana Twinz, Chanelle and Tyresse!!

A great way to end the day for the students!

This is part of Black History Month.
28th September 2018 -  Kemoy and KYSO Team complete performance in Newton Heath, Manchester.
Great event on this day in Newton Heath, Manchester.

We really brought the community together through performing arts...Thanks to everyone who came through, well done to the dance off crew at the end, it was a Tie win, a great day!

We met the Lord Mayor of Manchester! An additional two bookings, could be more proud.
August 31st-2nd September 2018 -  KYSO Team attends Annual Residential 2018.
KYSO Residential 2018.
It has been fantastic this weekend with the team, lots of team bonding, music, games and discussions/meetings, no phones/social media. All about communicating with each other properly. We had an amazing time.

Thank you for the support.
September 1st 2018 -  KYSO Team perform at Festival of Manchster and they done a fantastic job.
A huge well done to for performing at The Festival of Manchester on 1st September 2018, they are super talented and represented the team very well, feedback sounds amazing.

August 25th-29th 2018 - Kemoy and Manchester Bigga Fish team attend Nottinghill Carnival and also Bigga FIsh London Tour.
Thank you London Nottinghill Carnival 2018, we patterned it nicely, thanks to and for the opportunity all the time. One of the best Carnivals in the world. Great to see young and old enjoying themselves.

We have been in London since Saturday 25th August 2018 and now our journey has come to an end. A huge thanks to for the amazing opportunities.

Big up to all the teams and staff, Thank you for allowing the event to happen which was calm and full of vibes!
21st August 2018 - Kemoy and Team meets Bugzy Malone on Album Release in HMV.
Bugzy Malone
Hard work and Perseverance.
19th August 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO perform for Manchester City Square and work with Young Manchester for the day.
Thank you for a top day at and treating each performer and talent champion to the game afterwards with amazing food and beverages, we had a good day! Thank you! On behalf of KYSO Team.
14th August 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO perform for Footasylum x Unity FM in Exchange Square, Manchester.

on this date, we had a big opportunity to link up with Footasylum x Unity radio FM, thanks for the opportunity to perform in exchange square, Manchester, it was a good evening!

Thank you Gemma Bennet for the link. Big up.

13th August 2018 - Kemoy appears on ITV Granada news at 6pm.

Manchester Carnival over the two days has been a success in the park, so many people work hard to help change the stereotypes of Moss side which is a vibrant and amazing community! We will not be defeated!!

Thank to everyone for all for their amazing support and messages and we pray those injured at street party over the weekend a speedy recovery and sending love to their families.

Moss side is a fantastic community! Lots of culture and diversity, so many people are doing amazing work, we will not stop!

 We will also challenge the media, when we have positive stories, they don’t want to know...we are not going let them stop us spreading the love. ‪ Sending love to those affected, we have them in our prayers. Thank you all for your support, positive messages and love!!

We will not be defeated. We love Moss Side. 

11/12th August 2018 - Kemoy and Team enjoy Manchester Carnival 2018 - Great two days.

That’s a Wrap, .....thank you Manchester for your support, especially with Manchester Carnival 2018! The performances on the stages have been outstanding and the levels on the bar has reached its peak... A huge well done to all the performers this year and everyone involved, from the parade, troops to DJ’s and management and Team KYSO .... Big up big up! Next year we do more and strive higher. Thank you again from Kemoy B  

Bless up.

3rd August 2018 - Kemoy completes some hosting with Bigga Fish in Birmingham.
I had the privilege to do some hosting with Bigga Fish in Birmingham on 3rd August 2018. Thanks to all the DJ's and everyone for the amazing partnership work! A huge thanks to people who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to host this event.
27th July 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO attends and perform at Manchester Learning Festival 2018 based at MMU Birley Fields, Hulme.
The community learning festival took place on this date at MMU Brooks Building in Hulme. There was a host of creative and interactive activities for all ages, Kemoy and Team KYSO completed some entertainment for the last hour with the young people. 

Kemoy said "I can’t thank Jayne enough for the opportunity to inspire the children at this fantastic event, great day".
27th July 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO attends and perform at Manchester Job's Fair Part 2 @ St Mary's Primary School, Moss Side.
Let me start by saying a huge thanks and well done to Akeim Mundell BEM for putting together yet another successful jobs fair at St Marys Primary School, MossSide.

Well done, thanks for having me as your DJ! nice to see organisations such as Manchester fire service, UK fast and others!

Thank you to my amazing team KYSO for doing an excellent performance throughout the day!
21st July 2018 - Kemoy completes some hosting for Winfest Part 1.
I had the privilege to do some hosting for Winfest part 1 at Club Academy in Manchester on 21st July 2018. Thanks to all the DJ's and everyone for the amazing partnership work! A huge thanks to DJ Win who believes in me and gave me the opportunity to host his event.
21st July 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO attends and perform at the Great Get Together with Trinity Community Church and Hideaway Youth Project.
On Saturday 21st July 2018, Trinity Community Church and Hideaway Youth Project organised a great get together Picnic to celebrate our fantastic community.

We create that buzz at every event! A huge big up to Hideaway youth project and the church for putting on a community picnic on this date! As always we showcase the talent in our city! 

Thank you :)
14th July 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO Performs at MAV - Making Children and Young People Matter event in Piccadilly Garden, Manchester.
People come out on this day to support Mother's against violence making children and young people matter event, also showcasing up and coming talent performing in Piccadilly Gardens from 1-7pm.

Kemoy said: Just want to say a massive thank you to all who performed today and those who came to support at the Mothers Against-Violence event in Piccadilly gardens, it was such a great day, Fantastic Weather! 

Thanks to Pasty and her team. everyone done amazing, I was proud to be the head DJ at such a great event.

Huge thanks to Team KYSO for their excellent performances, smashed it.

7th July 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO Performs at Miss Caribbean UK Contest at Hough End Centre, Manchester.

Last night Fashion Show (Miss Caribbean UK) was brilliant! The event uses a pageant to promote, educate, inspire and celebrate the historical and cultural impact of the Caribbean within the United Kingdom.

Sitting within the diversity that the UK offers, Miss Caribbean UK (MCUK) is keen to enjoy the positive promotion of unity, colour, fashion, dance, gastronomy, music, culture and edutainment.

Well done to all the performers from KYSO - Debra, Ghana Twinz (Denz/Elorm) and Teah (Dancer).

6th July 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO Performs at Uprising 10th Anniversary Graduation event at the National Football Museum.

As an alumni member for Uprising, Myself and KYSO Team had the pleasure of attending the 10-year celebration evening tonight which included the graduation of the young people from their 2017/2018 Environmental Leadership Programme.

We were delighted to meet Rushanara Ali MP from London who gave a keynote address and Cllr Luthfur Rahman, Executive Lead for Culture at Manchester City Council who also introduced some of the fantastic UpRisers from this year’s programme. 

Other people were The Lord Mayor of Manchester and CEO of Uprising.

Thank you for the opportunity.

24th June 2018 - Kemoy and team performs at Windrush70 Event in Alexandra Park, Manchester.
Yet again another fantastic event in Alexandra Park to celebrate the Windrush 70th Anniversary, team KYSO performed and done very well. God bless this fantastic group of amazing youths who continue to make me proud.

I’m very proud of them!

Kemoy B
23rd June 2018 - Kemoy and team performs at NHS70/Windrush70 Event in Alexandra Park, Manchester.
Well done to the organisers for putting together a good event in Alexandra Park celebrating NHS70 & Windrush 70 years ago. Thanks for involving team KYSO

We even met the Lord Mayor of Manchester.

Good to see everyone supporting the local community!
22nd June 2018 - Kemoy meets MNEK.

Uzoechi Osisioma "UzoEmenike (born 9 November 1994), professionally known as MNEK, is an English singer, songwriter and record producer.[1] In 2016, he received the ASCAP Vanguard Award for his contribution to songwriting.

His writing and production credits include BeyoncéMadonnaKylie MinogueDua LipaDiploZara LarssonLianne La HavasRudimentalNaughty BoyJulia MichaelsLittle MixJoJoGorgon CityClean BanditChris MalinchakBondaxJax JonesOliver HeldensKaren HardingSub FocusDuke DumontBastilleA*M*E and Stormzy. He has also worked on BTS's album Love Yourself: Tear.

It was great to meet him. Such a lovely guy.

20th June 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO goes to Flip Out Manchester.
We do great bonding sessions, where we get together and do something different but it gives an opportunity to learn about the team. Today went @flipoutmanchester such a great session! Well done Rasheed for organising.
17th June 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO takes part in Manchester Day Parade 2018.

Manchester day parade 2018 which was a successful event, the programme went according to plan, we done extra and the staff and team loved us, big up everyone who came out to support!!

Thanks to team KYSO for their contributions this weekend. It’s been excellent, thank you!! All the people who supported, thank you, huge big up team, We keep on creating a legacy in the city. 

you are all superstars and I’m proud! 


16th June 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO takes part in Dark and Famous Fashion Show at Salford University.
The team on this date at Dark and famous fashion show 2018 at Salford University, these young people continue to make me proud, they are doing fantastic work across the City, I am so proud of them! Well done team KYSO.

I was also proud to host this event with Nykira, thanks for your hard work too.

Kemoy B
9/10th June 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO enjoy VIP treatment at Manchester Parklife 2018.
The Team KYSO and myself created a Legacy at Parklife 2018 where we completed a series of dance and people joined in with us, we also done multiple dances in other tents.

I can't thank Sacha enough for supporting the team and local community with VIP tickets to the festival this year, it was a great experience for our members. Thank you Sacha (Director) on behalf of myself and KYSO Trust. Hopefully next year we can create entertainment on the stage and add more vibes to it.
2nd June 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO help out at Jengba raising awareness event at Westwood Street.
Jengba Awareness Event!

Thanks Joanne, Akemia, Millie and your great team for the amazing event on Saturday 2nd June 2018 around joint enterprise at Westwood street, it was great to learn some knowledge so as youth workers, we can pass it on the young people. 

 keep up the good work! Thanks for allowing the team to perform!

Thanks for allowing me to DJ.
1st June 2018 – Kemoy gets invited by Ex Teacher Mr Ralph Moses to come and deliver a talk to retired members of the teachers union.
How incredible of my ex-teacher Mr Ralph Moses from Ducie High/Manchester Academy to invite me to his meeting today, he is part of the retired members of the teachers union.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and inspiring the older generation.
28th May 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO perform at Mass 2K Annual indoor family funday at Westwood Street, Moss Side.

Where do I begin....

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to our Annual May Bank Holiday event at Westwood street, Moss side. (Community Event)

The place was packed!!!!

Every year gets better and better, thanks to everyone who performed and supported all the way, big up Sweet T and Mikey Bupps for hosting and Kemoy B for shelling it down!! When I say kemoy you say B, kemoy....B

Shout out team KYSO, Jet Black, Megatone sound, Dj Max, DJ David, Leon, Tom Nelson and all the amazing bar staff.

18-20th May 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO attends Residential with Prime Youth Club in Burnley for the weekend.
Fantastic Residential over the weekend in Burnley with @kysoclub and Prime Youth Club, thanks for all your hard work!! Our young people are the future, giving them the life skills and nurturing them is one of life’s greatest achievements. ‪Good to meet everyone!
5th May 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO Performs at a Mental Health Awareness Event.
On this date, we attended a Mental Health Awareness event in Heaton Park, Manchester. Whilst it’s often overlooked or stigmatised, our mental health is important, and so are you. 

Well done Alisha for organising it, thanks for performing! Smashed it. 

Brilliant day!!
5th May 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO Audition for Vimto!
Today team KYSO Club done a audition for Vimto for a TV advert, I wish them all good luck!! It was a good session. 

thank you for the opportunity!
30th April 2018 - Kemoy appears on Channel 4 News!

Theresa May conducted a hurried mini-reshuffle after Amber Rudd finally gave in to calls for her resignation over the Windrush scandal. The final straw proved to be her ignorance of Home Office targets for deporting illegal immigrants.

The new Home Secretary was summoned straight to Parliament where he told MPs that there would be no more talk of a “hostile environment” to illegal immigrants under his watch.

Kemoy and a few others from the Caribbean community share their thoughts on Channel 4 about the home office issue. 

30th April 2018 - Kemoy DJ's for Young Manchester x JD Sports Event at Home.
Again a fantastic opportunity to DJ at the Young Manchester x JD Sports event. A great partnership with these organisations and KYSO.

We had a excellent performance from KYSO team today and also got a few members signed up to become JD Sports Talent Champions. Helping local talent to get a platform to perform at JD’s Sports Talent end of summer show this year.

Well done everyone!
6th/7th April 2018 - Kemoy does hosting with Biggafish on The New Wave Tour.
Over the last two days, I had the privilege to do some hosting on the with Bigga Fish. Thanks to dj jadderz , and for the amazing partnership work! A huge thanks to people who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to host!
Kemoy met many musicians such as Loski and Headie one on the Tour.
2nd/3rd April 2018 - Kemoy completes Tour with Skengdo x am.

Over the last two days, I was privileged to host on a tour with Skengdo x AM (Musicians) they completed a three day tour in Birmingham, Manchester and London. I didn’t get to attend the Birmingham one but was excited to take part in my city Manchester and London.

Thank you so much for the people who believed in me and gave me the opportunity!

Brilliant atmosphere and crowd.

2nd April 2018 - Kemoy meets Skengdo x AM at Band on the wall, Manchester.
Skengdo and Ace Mally (AM) are older members of the 410 gang based in Myatts Fields, South London. They have been consistently producing music and slowly but steadily established a thriving international fanbase. Skengdo and AM are known for their unique music production and flows, and have been unofficially recognized as the best drill duo in London by a multitude of people.

Kemoy had the opportunity to host for the Manchester show alongside DJ win on April 2nd 2018, he stated, it was a fantastic experience and great event.
30th March 2018 - Kemoy meets Big Shaq. (Man's not hot)
Michael Dapaah (born January 1991) is an English rapper, actor, and comedian best known for portraying the fictional road rapper Big Shaq (also known as Roadman Shaq). He is also known for his mockumentary SWIL (Somewhere in London), which focuses on four characters and their journey to success.

"Man's Not Hot"

Dapaah saw a rapid growth in public attention when he appeared on Charlie Sloth's BBC Radio 1Xtra show "Fire in the Booth". His comedic rap "Man's Not Hot" (whose backing track was sampled from 67 and Giggs' 2016 track "Let's Lurk") developed into a viral meme, and a studio track version of the song was released on 22 September 2017.The song's music video was released by Dapaah himself on 26 October of the same year; which features cameos from Waka Flocka FlameLil Yachty, Dutch rap-group Broederliefde and DJ Khaled, who calls Dapaah's character a "legend".

Kemoy said "It was so good to meet this legend."

24th March 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO perform at The Vibrant Thing, North Manchester.
Brilliant event on this date at North Manchester City Library, well done to the team for doing a fantastic performance alongside some great talent in the city. It was great to host this event, thank you.

The Vibrant thing!
16th March 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO perform at Moss Side Labour Fundraising event.
On this date, we attended a fundraising meal at the Ibrahim Maine Centre in Moss side. This was a chance to meet other Labour Party members and to help them raise much-needed funds for Moss Side Labour Party. performed, well done everyone!
16th March 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO inspire students at The Albion Academy, Salford.
A huge thank you to Karl Mackey for having myself and Shaneka into the fantastic your students were amazing, such a great peaceful and calm environment, the students listened very well. 

Thank you! I wish them the best!
10th March 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO take part in SuperGestures March in Manchester.
We are wearing a SUPERGESTURES powersuit laced with sensor, haptic & audio tech. In an hour-long interactive public performance walking around Manchester, they will be immersed in stories about freedom, pride, technology & ownership in the city.

A fantastic mission walking around Manchester and doing different types of SuperGestures whilst listening to people passionate about issues that affect them in Manchester. There will be a film at the end of the month which we will be featured in. We are excited.

07th March 2018 - Kemoy DJ's at Teens and Toddlers Award Ceremony at Lancashire Cricket Club, Old Trafford.
Teens and Toddlers Awards Ceremony 2018 @ Lancashire Cricket Club, such a brilliant event, great to DJ tonight for over 1,000 people! Thanks for the opportunity! @teensandtoddlers 

Well done you gifted star host.
07th March 2018 - Kemoy and Team KYSO perform at Manchester City Football Club West Reception VIP area.
On this date we had the opportunity to perform at with Team KYSO, the team done absolutely amazing, I am so proud of them, thank you for such a good afternoon/evening. Well done Shian, TK Diamonds, Tyresse, Shaneka and Teah. .
23rd February 2018 - Kemoy and Team features on ITV News at 6pm, Also attends Youth Loneliness summit.
We was featured on ITV News at 6pm on this date! We attended the Last Youth Loneliness Summit with Mosscare St vincents - Youth loneliness, working with young people to make a different in their communities and spot signs of isolation with other young people. 

It was a brilliant day.
20th February 2018 - Kemoy DJ's in London at the Teens and Toddler's Award Ceremony.

Massive thanks to for having me as their DJ in London, been such an amazing awards night with incredible achievements to the young people who have contributed to the programme, see you soon at the next event! Looking forward to it already! Thank you
19th February 2018 - Kemoy completes a entertainment package at MCRJobsFair18.
On this date, Akeim organised a jobs fair in the community of Moss Side at St Mary's primary school, it was a brilliant turn out and we had fantastic entertainment from team

A massive big up to for putting this on in the community of moss side for everyone to attend, great day, we loved it, thanks for booking us!

We are lucky to have you!
17th February 2018 - Kemoy meets Tizzzy x Brandz.
Tizzy x Brandz 

Leeds last night 

Big up  

Let’s take the next one to Manny.
15th February 2018 - Kemoy and KYSO Dancers are featured in JSKY Music Video.
Great video from the amazing thanks for getting team involved in the video! Summer anthem
11th February 2018 - Kemoy and JPAP Team Organise a open event at The Hideaway Youth Project, Moss Side.
Brilliant to see the community come out today to the hideaway youth project in Moss Side for the Jamaica Inspired event! they were informed about the exciting work JPAP are doing in Jamaica and wanting to get people from the UK to help and support.

Thanks for the entertainment.
10th February 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO visit Manchester City Match family day.
Manchester City Football Club invited us today to their match family day to get a feel for the event as they want us to start leading some of the entertainment in the near future, it was good to go and observe how the day works! Such good activities and competitions! 

Thank you for the opportunity!
09th February 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO inspire students at The Manchester College, Ardwick.
Inspiring afternoon at The Manchester College!

Thanks for having myself and team KYSO inspiring your students and giving them motivation to become successful in whatever their chosen field.

Love inspiring others, giving them self belief that they can achieve anything in life by putting their minds to it, set their own goals! Never give up and persevere.
28th January 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO attend T.A.P Youth Day event in Hulme.
On this date, we was invited to Youth Day in Hulme, the event was organised by T.A.P - a newly formed community initiative that seeks to promote social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people in the African origin and African Diaspora in Manchester, and the United Kingdom.

KYSO Team performed and done amazing work.

Well done team.
27th January 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO attend Technology Workshop at Z-Arts.
Updates - Z-Arts (Hulme)‬ ‪Again another great workshop for us, being involved in exciting things, we are going to be involved in a big March and much more soon!!‬ ‪Brilliant on this day to hear what KYSO youth team and others of Manchester had to say about the city, Making SUPERGESTURES and learning about technology.‬ ‪Thanks Blade, Imani, Rasheed, Usman, Ezra, Ashanti, Pharrell, Imani and Teah.
25th January 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO attend youth Loneliness Introductory Meeting.
On this date we attended an amazing workshop with Mosscare St Vincent's about Youth Loneliness in Manchester City Centre. 

Youth loneliness - working with young people to make a difference in their communities and spot signs of isolation with young people. 

Tonight they worked hard. Done amazing activities! They are trained.

20th January 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO perform at Annual Winter Festival at Seymour Park Community School.
Such a great day today at Seymour Park community school in old Trafford, every year they organise their winter festival and we was proud to lead some creative arts workshops, thanks team @kysoclub Great day!! Dancing and all that.‬

we love performing arts!!
12th January 2018 - Kemoy meets Ramz (Artist)
Ramone Rochester (born 18 February 1997), known professionally as Ramz is a British rapper and songwriter from Mitcham, South London. He is notable for the single "Barking", which peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart. (Jan 2018)

Ramz performed at Viva night club on this date, he done well. Big up.
12th January 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO visit Chorlton High School, Manchester.
A great afternoon at Chorlton High School in Manchester, we was invited to come and speak to year 8’s and do a performance for them, the team done well.

We worked with some fantastic young people throughout the afternoon who were excellent performers.
11th January 2018 - Kemoy and team KYSO visit The Royal Exchange Theatre to watch Guys and Dolls.
Such a brilliant night at the royal exchange theatre in Manchester, we was invited to watch the play guys and dolls with an all black cast, often young people don’t go to the theatre, last night they were inspired and want to go again, inspiration is everywhere! 

It was amazing!
4th January 2018 - Kemoy features in The Voice Newspaper.
Featured in the The Voice News on this date, thanks to Abigail for coming out to share my story about working in the fantastic community of Moss side and supporting our amazing young people! 

You can get a copy of the newspaper at ASDA Hulme or download the app - The voice+ and download this date's issue. Thanks for your support!
25th Dec 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Perform for the Homeless and less fortunate during Christmas day.
On this date, we spent Christmas Day helping those who are less fortunate, the local food bank organises this every year in Moss side at one of the local primary schools & it was so rewarding.
God is good. Well done to the organisers and volunteers! Well done to team KYSO for doing an amazing performance! Whilst we eat, please say a prayer for those on the streets with no food and no family at all. Ask god to take care of them. Amen
15th Dec 2017 - Kemoy host KYSO Awards 2017 @ The Hideaway Youth Project.

On this date was special because it was my team KYSO awards evening 2017 which was held at the hideaway youth project in Moss Side! We celebrated our achievements for this year, gave our certificates and plaque to winners of different categories, we had parents, the community and sponsors who came to support the event, a lot of inspirational speeches and talks from members of the team and also community members, KYSO is celebrating 4 years of excellent work with young people, giving opportunities to all and creating a great platform for talent, thank you to everyone who came out to support, thanks to all our members, our hosts, the KYSO crew and our leaders. We have a great community.

Kemoy B

6th Dec 2017 - Kemoy gets interviewed by OddArts company, Manchester.
Done some fantastic Filming with tonight, thanks for the projects you have been doing with our amazing young people, they really enjoyed it.

Thanks for giving me the Opportunity to be apart of your film.
3rd Dec 2017 - Kemoy Host the Widow Empowerment Trust Christmas Party at the Irish world Heritage Centre, Cheatham Hill.
Being a Community Ambassador means giving back to your community and helping those around you! Brilliant event over the weekend with the fantastic .

Thanks for the photo! Have a blessed evening.
1st Dec 2017 - Kemoy DJ's and entertains for the Hulme Lights Switch on day event.
Hulme lights switch on was absolutely brilliant, them young people are amazing and danced the evening away, thanks to the councillors Le-ann and others involved and also to for pulling it off well, I enjoyed doing. 

1st Dec 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Crew goes live with Co-Op Christmas Advert.
The Co-op has unveiled its Christmas advert featuring real community music groups who have collaborated on its song. Proud that KYSO took part..:) What a fantastic opportunity, this will be shown on TV during December 2017 on different channels.
November 30th 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Crew attend Young Manchester Launch at Sharp Project, Manchester.
Young Manchester Launch tonight, well done to all the fantastic performers, big up to KYSO crew for doing brilliant poems too alongside Young Identity! 

Thanks for the Opporunity to DJ!
November 30th 2017 - Kemoy and MCA attend SSAT Conference 2017 at Manchester Central.
Myself and our Assistant Principal took some year 10’s to Manchester Central for this year’s SSAT National Conference 2017.

They worked so hard with in school and the Students came on stage on this date and spoke about their struggles in school and how they overcome them, we are so proud of them!

Well done!
November 18th 2017 - Kemoy and MAV set up first ever Youth IAG in Moss Side. They completed their induction on this date.
We have now officially created our very own Youth IAG in moss side, these young people have had their induction on this date and ready to support other young people with any issues! Also to build the relationships between GMP and yp! ! So proud of them! Group members will have the chance to: Speak directly with police officers and decision makers. Have their voice heard and express views. Engage with other members of the local community and hear their views. Question and challenge the views of other people in a constructive way. Consider own biases and prejudices. Build relationships between police, young people and the community. Raise the profile of young people within the community. Feel a sense of achievement and improve leadership skills. Where appropriate feed into the regular IAG. Where appropriate assist the Community Scrutiny Group.
November 17th 2017 - Kemoy takes boys group and some of KYSO members to London to visit Houses of Parliament and a trip to Soho.
On this date, We visited the Houses of Parliament with boys group and some of @kysoclub members to gain an insight and understanding of the building, parliament and the structures.

Thanks John for showing us around and giving us a great tour! @visitparliament.

London was such a great sight seeing, we even attended championship store in Soho where we seen "Addison Lee" singer Not3. Not3 was very humble and spoke to the group, he recorded a video saying big up KYSO.

Great day.
November 3rd 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Team attends Youth Buzz Award 2017, KYSO got runner up award.
I am so proud as CEO to lead a fantastic movement with amazing people, thanks to everyone who continue to make KYSO accomplish its goal, to inspire, nurture and develop young people in Manchester. A real accolade of more good work to come!!

Always great to be recognised!!

Our next journey is gaining outstanding next year! 2018.
October 29th 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Team attends BBC 1Xtra Live Sessions at home cinema, Manchester.
On this date, me and my group attended BBC 1Xtra live sessions at Home Cinema, Manchester to listen to industry experts speak about getting into Radio/Presenting. We also got the chance to listen to man like Donaeo who has been in the music game for 16 years!

it’s been a brilliant day! Well done team.
October 26th 2017 - Kemoy joins the panel for a discussion at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester for #Blackhistorymonth.
Kemoy had the opportunity to join the Panel for a special event at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

The panel also included a member of WYC, a young person from Manchester youth Council and a curator from the Whitworth. The event was chaired by Pat Farrell. Each panel member had the opportunity to introduce themselves and answer each question.

These are the questions that have been set by WYC:
  • Do young ethnic minorities fall through the system?
  • Does an art gallery have a responsibility to facilitate social change?
  • Is our curriculum white?
Kemoy said, thanks for the opportunity.
October 20th 2017 - Kemoy and MCA visit TV Show Educating Greater Manchester - Harrop Fold School for the day.
It was brilliant on this date, spending the day with students at Harrop Fold School, they are from TV show Educating Greater Manchester, our students done amazing performances and took part in other activities throughout the day, I spoke to KS4 students who were brilliant! Thank you! Drew Povey, such an amazing place. Great to meet Mr Chambers and head prefect. #educatinggreatermanchester
October 14th 2017 - Kemoy and Shian perform at the Caribbean Hurricane Disaster Aid Music Concert at Westwood Street.
Me and My leader of @kysoclub sang together on this date at Westwood Street in Moss side, the event was to raise money for the hurricane fund. I always love supporting my community and giving back. Thanks for the organisers for giving us the opportunities to take part.
October 13th 2017 - Kemoy speaks to Students at The Manchester College. (Northenden Campus)
Had a brilliant afternoon at The Manchester College with Alex, inspiring young people, talking about Youth work and the setting up KYSO. I also talked about my life and growing up as a black man and facing struggles and how I accomplished them. The students were truly inspired, so I will be going to more colleges inspiring more minds. Thank you Leanne for the opportunity.
October 8th 2017 - Kemoy campaigns in North Manchester (Newton heath)
Great Campaigning session on a this date in Newton Heath, North Manchester with a good Labour Party team of people!‬ good to speak to residents about issues that affect them in their community to pass on to their local Councillors. 
October 5th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO perform at Mosscare St Vincent's Julie's fund event at The Manchester Foyer and meet some stars.
On this date, we got invited to the launch of Mosscare st Vincent's Young persons mental health Fund. The Host was Tony Walsh(longfella) there was so many wonderful performances from KYSO and Kadria Thomas choir! Special guest Actress, activist and charity worker Julie Hesmondhaigh ( Julie's fund) 

Thank you for inviting us.
September 30th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO attend Bradford Park Community Fun Day, East Manchester.
Kemoy and team attended a community fun day on the 30th Sept, 12-4pm at Bradford Park (Barmouth Street, Beswick). Kemoy was the main DJ for the day at this event. 

Kemoy said "It was a brilliant event, the young people were amazing, dead proud of the talent and confidence skills in Beswick, hopefully I can do more in their community soon."

September 29th 2017 - Kemoy DJ's for The Big Life Group Staff Awards.

Big Life Staff Awards set to be a night to remember

More than 300 members of staff from The Big Life group has celebrated their achievements in style this year, at the annual staff awards ceremony.

This was held at The Monastery Manchester on 29 September, the awards recognised those members of staff who have gone above and beyond in providing a great service. There were 12 awards up for grabs on the night, with six celebrating staff who have met the values (courageous, creative, honest, inspiring, thoughtful and valuing difference), five for staff who have demonstrated the Big Life Way (first class, never give up, people not problems, tread new ground and working in partnership), and a special award for the year’s outstanding employee.

After dinner was eaten, and the awards given out, staff had an extra opportunity to let their hair down, with a special photobooth courtesy of Manchester’s Imperial photo booth. With the glitzy booth capturing the moment, staff will be able to grab some fun pictures with their colleagues, and take away a memory of their evening.

They also had the opportunity to dance at the final disco with DJ Kemoy B which had the dance floor packed until finished.

September 15th 2017 - Kemoy and the community attend the Funeral of Sait Mboob.

Rest in Peace Sait, 

 Such great support from everyone on this date and we all looked out for each other! 

Great Service.

September 2nd 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO perform at Peace Fest in Hale Barnes.

Altrincham's First Ever Peace Festival!

A weekend of fun for all the family, #AltyPeaceFest brought  live music, entertainment, food, drink, healthy living and even goat yoga to the heart of Hale Barns.  Organised by F4C, WHIS and Altrincham French Festival, the 'mini Glastonbury' weekend wasn't one not to miss!

Team KYSO got the chance to perform towards the end of the event and also with a band. we had a great time.

September 2nd 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO organise a KYSO Innovate day for the community.
in Moss side, on this date organised an amazing event at Westwood Street, bringing our communities closer, there was food and performances.
August 27/28th 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO gets involved in Bigga Fish and go down to London for Nottinghill Carnival 2017.
My wish list is complete, another great Opporunity from Bigga Fish thank you so much, on this date I reached out to millions of people. 

Kemoy B

Bigga Fish is a social enterprise providing a showcase platform for young creatives, training 14-21 year olds in events management and marketing and also runs revision and enterprise workshops in secondary schools. Kemoy's KYSO team has been involved in this since May 2016.

The Manchester Team linked up with Birmingham and London to attend Nottinghill Carnival 2017 in August 2017 and made the two days special. 

Kemoy said "We had to learn a Routine which got judged at judging corner, this was a massive experience for everyone, we took part in marching and dancing behind a float, words can't sum up how special being a part of Bigga fish family is,  the amazing team KYSO has been great too. I am sooo happy."

August 23/4th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO attend YA AGM in Derbyshire for two days and deliver creative arts activity.
Kemoy, Olivia and Shian attended the YA AGM this year in Derbyshire where the group met other young advisors from across the UK.

During the 2 days there was team building activities and workshops available for the teams to attend and work on the future of charity, on the Wednesday night there was a creative activity that Kemoy and the crew organised where the teams had to get together to create a performance based on the 10th Year anniversary of Young advisors.

Kemoy Said:

KYSO again smashed the activity on the Wednesday night at the AGM, we hosted YA got talent 2017, had some great talent and presented the winners with a prize.

A fantastic two days in Derby, doing what we do best!! 
August 20th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO model for Angie Shoe Shop Fashion Show at Westwood Street, Moss Side.
On this date, at Westwood street, Moss side. Fashion show was brilliant, so proud to be involved with team .

Fashion show last night in our community was a success, well done Angie and team, Moss side.
August 12/13th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO Host the main stage all weekend, also host the african Corner and Street parties.

I love Manchester, I love Moss side.

Manchester Carnival 2017 has been amazing, my team KYSO and the community guardians have been really impressed with how great the people of Manchester and beyond are!! I would like to thank everyone for their support towards everything I have been doing recently, I am so blessed to get the opportunity host the main stage all weekend and explore other stages throughout. Thanks to the organisers and also Sam Brown for coaching me on the main stage for the last 2 years! Thank you, Manchester, I love you!!

August 10th 2017 - Kemoy does a series of Interviews with TV/Radio Channels for the community of Moss Side.
I appeared on BBC North West, speaking about the great community meeting Hideaway Youth Project organised on this date and also our new community initiative which is called 'Community Guardians' where we have teamed up with local youth workers/activists in Moss Side to ensure the Carnival is safe on August 12/13th for all young people. I want to thank everyone in the community for their support and once again my heart and condolences go out to Sait who sadly passed away!! R.I.P
The youths came together in Moss side and we done a minute silence and gave hugs to each other and shared memories, that's community! R.I.P Sait
August 7th 2017 - Kemoy passes Driving Test.
God is good! Passed first time!! 

Man like Kemoy B
August 7th 2017 - Kemoy host's 0161 Shutdown Event at Sound Control, Manchester.
I love hosting events. Seeing the community and people come together is a great feeling. 

I love my City. 
July 30th 2017 - Kemoy meets Sam Allardyce. (Former England Manager)
July 29th 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO Host Main Stage at B Festival, Stockport.

 B Festival is back! Following on from their most successful event ever and unprecedented demand they brought it back to Stockport with a variety of live music and performances! B Festival showcased traditions from around the world and celebrated the diverse culture through music, art and food.

B Festival featured over 50 different live entertainment and games, across 5 stages offering something for everyone including, funfair rides, games, poetry, cultural food tasting, dances & performances, SKA, Indie, Reggae and Pop Rock bands, and various DJ sets ranging from Drum & Bass, Jungle, Techno, Dance, House, Grime to Afrobeat.

Kemoy and team was proud to host the Main Stage for the majority of the day and creating a hype for the people of Stockport.

July 26/27th 2017 - Kemoy and team Hideaway Deliver series of trips and good work for the young people in the community.
So proud to see young people doing amazing work, well done to Youth Action for putting on a great event at Central Library about youth homelessness, it was great that the Mayor of Greater Manchester came to speak about his plans for tackling this problem in the city.

The Community Learning Festival is a celebration of the learning and diversity in the local area. The aim of the Community Learning Festival is to unite the local community over three themed days of free activities hosted by the Faculties of Education and Health, Psychology and Social Care with a wide range of community partners.

Team Hideaway was honoured to be in the Brooks building, built as a central hub of community activity for Hulme and its surrounding areas. As one of the University’s key pillars, the community is central to all Manchester Metropolitan University activity. We was delighted to be involved in one of the special days, Thanks to MMU for the opportunity.

July 25th 2017 - Kemoy meets GEKO (Artist).
Recording artist signed to the UK based independent label OneTape Records whose singles include "Baba," "Love Me" and "Over & Under." Another song of his, "Heartless," reached #9 on the iTunes chart.
July 16th 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO attend Manchester International Festival Closing Party and Provide entertainment at the end.

Today, on this date was the end of the Manchester International Festival with a closing Ceremony, They have had groundbreaking performances, new musicals, returning heroes, celebrations of the people of Manchester and so much has happened throughout June/July 2017.

It'll be two years before they do it again, thats why everyone made sure they enjoyed the rest of the evening with some great entertainment from Kemoy and Team KYSO who finished the day with people dancing and having fun.

Throughout the day Kemoy and team got involved with different activities, he also managed to get a picture with the Lord Mayor of Manchester.

Kemoy said: A huge thanks to the MIF and staff, for letting us party at the end - it's been an honour. loved it. Thank you team KYSO.

July 15th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO Performs at MAV event in Piccadilly Gardens.

Whether rain or shine, people come out on this day to support Mother's against violence making children and young people matter's event, also showcasing our up and coming musicians  performing in Piccadilly Gardens from 1-7pm! 

Kemoy said: Just want to say a massive thank you to all who performed today and those who came to support at the Mothers Against-Violence event in Piccadilly gardens, it was such a great day and even though the weather was up and down, people came out.! Thanks to Pasty and her team. everyone done amazing, I was proud to be the head DJ at such a great event.

June 29th 2017 - Kemoy KYSO Team performs at MCA Year 11's Leavers Assembly.
So proud of my group KYSO Club, Thank you for performing at our year 11's leavers assembly today! 

So proud.
June 29th 2017 - Kemoy and Manchester people open up Manchester International Festival 2017 with a fantastic Catwalk Showcase in Manchester Piccadilly gardens, he also features on BBC, Channel 4 news and The Guardian Newspaper.
Manchester International Festival launched today with the people of Manchester centre stage. What is the City but the People? brings friends, neighbours and total strangers together in Piccadilly Gardens as 200 Mancunians walk a 100m runway raised high above the pavements. 

Manchester International Festival (MIF) is the world’s first festival of original, new work and special events.

Kemoy said: "I am so proud to be given the opportunity to be on the Catwalk in Piccadilly gardens in front of so many Manchester People, I am speechless, Manchester is just the place to be, thank you MIF."


In celebration of a beautiful city and the people who make it special: Manchester’s International Festival has just opened on this date – kicking off with live performances showing Manchester People, Kemoy also featured on Channel 4 news talking about Moss Side and his city! He was thrilled.
June 25th 2017 - Kemoy speaks/perform at Westwood Street yearly Gospel Concert.
Over the last 4 years, I have taken part in the Gospel Concert at Westwood Street in Moss side which gets a fantastic turn out each year, It was great to inspire the young and old.

I even sang a song too.
June 23rd 2017 - Kemoy DJ's and Speaks at Manchester Secondary Pru Awards/Prom, KYSO also Performs.
Such a fantastic night on this date at the Town Hall, Djing at the Manchester Secondary Pru prom/awards, I also inspired an audience of over 150.

Kemoy has mentioned that it is the first time he spoke and gave a speech in front of so many people, he received multiple applauds during his talk.

He said "It was just fantastic, what a night, Also a massive thanks to Shian for performing, she done very well."
June 18th 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Team take part in Manchester Day Parade 2017.

Manchester Day is an annual event that celebrates everything great about the city. It is a day for families, residents and visitors to get together and celebrate all things Mancunian that have made Manchester one of the world’s most iconic cities.

Last year over 60,000 people enjoyed the sunshine and watched the parade as it snaked its way through the city centre. Over 2,000 people participated in Manchester Day 2016, including 100 Manchester charities, community groups and companies who transformed the city centre into an amazing party!

Each year, we give Manchester Day a theme. The theme for this year 2017 is Abracadabra!.  In a celebration of all things magic, over 2000 performers will take you on a magical adventure of wonder, invention and illusion.

A Massive well done to Team KYSO and Leader Kemoy Walker for smashing this year, they were based in Exchange Square, Manchester.

Kemoy said: "Each year we look forward to Manchester Day, Brilliant event, we love Manchester."

June 10th 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Team gets amazing day opportunity with Parklike UK.
Parklife gave team KYSO VIP main backstage access today to take part in a Manchester tribute to pay respects to the victims of the Manchester Bombing that happened in May 2017, all the emergency staff that were present on the night of the attack came on the stage at Parklife UK surrounded by a big round of applauds by the audience packed of 80,000 people.
Kemoy and team pictured with the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham.

A huge thanks to the team who came today, no other youth group has ever been given access to backstage or the Opporunity we got today to be on stage in front of 80,000 people which is a massive thing!
Kemoy mets the Managing Director of Parklife - Sacha Lord.

Lord-Marchionne launched the Parklife Weekender music festival in 2010, initially at Platt Fields Park, then at Heaton Park.

Leading acts like Snoop Dogg, London Grammar and Plan B have performed, but to put on Parklife, Lord-Marchionne has to ‘think of every scenario possible,’ with meetings with the local authorities, steering committees and safety advisory groups.

Kemoy Meets Mick Jenkins.

Jayson Mick Jenkins (born April 16, 1991), better known as Mick Jenkins, is an American hip hop recording artist signed to Cinematic Music Group. His debut album, The Healing Component was released on September 23, 2016.
June 3rd 2017 - Kemoy holds first every KYSO Day/Meeting as a group @ The Powerhouse.
Every young person will achieve their goals through hard work and perseverance.

On this date we held our first ever KYSO Meeting, an opportunity to speak about KYSO Trust, our journey, share ideas and create our vision for the next couple of years.

Kemoy said "well done everyone, great work, beautiful day, so proud. Onwards and upwards.
June 1st 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO attends Capital Extra (Music Potential) Event and Meet Pop Star Raye.
On this date, we met Pop Star Raye who release the track - You don't know me, it's on the charts 2017.

Thanks Music Potential for the opportunity.
May 31st 2017 - Kemoy organises a Moss Side Vigil for the community, to remember Manchester Terror Attacks victims.
I love Moss side. On this day we organised a fantastic vigil in Moss side Rec Park, to remember victims of the Manchester Terror Attack and to pay our respects, thanks to those who came and thank you to those who helped with today getting the refreshments for the community! Lee-Ann Igbon thank you, a big thanks to Revy Malaika for an outstanding programme. 

thanks to KYSO for their performance.
May 29th 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO take part in Moss Side Youth Festival 2017.
It took weeks of planning for the Moss side Youth Festival 2017, The annual festival that takes place on the bank holiday in May 2017!

This year the planning team which consisted of Kemoy Walker, Local Youth ambassador and Head of KYSO!
Sweet T - Local host and DJ
Mikey bups - Local host and DJ
Leutenant and little billy - sound system 
DJ Max - sound organised 
Basil - Head organiser 
Leon - Consultants
Gloria - Consultants

It all pulled off greatly on 29th May 2017 at the West Indian sports and social club where we had a fantastic program of young talent throughout the day which the crowd and everybody loved the day, the day consisted with young stars, Also a great performance from jet black dancers, also the Kyso crew did an outstanding performance throughout the rest of the day, KYSO Trust is managed by Kemoy Walker, everybody showed that Moss Side has talent and that we have such a fantastic community amongst us, we also had entertainment for the young people who done fantastically well on stage and showed yet again Moss Side has talent, I am very proud to be a part of such a fantastic community with great talent roll on next year.

Kemoy said: 

Today the Moss side community came out in full, I am so proud to be a part of a great community, we had so much fun and enjoyment and great performances, thanks Westwood street for getting us involved, thanks team KYSO, thank you to the host for their hard work - Sweet T and Mikey bups every year it's a success
 Thanks Moss side.
May 21st 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO take part in the Big Neighbourhood Bash outdoor event at Cheatham Hill Tesco in North Manchester.
On this date, Kemoy and team KYSO crew members took part in providing sound and entertainment at the Big Neighbourhood outdoor Bash event outside Tesco in Cheetham Hill, The event had many things happening such as Free face painting, Live Performances, Competitions and much more!!

Kemoy said "This event showed community and everyone coming out to support each other, It was fantastic, such a brilliant turnout."

Again the KYSO crew was complimented on making the event such a success and engaging with the audiences and stall holders.
May 19th 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO meet Tizzy and Brandz. (Musicians)
Great meeting musicians who give back to community, thanks Tizzy and Brandz, thanks for chilling with my group and others today @kysoclub, we even done a performance.
May 19th 2017 - Kemoy attends Greater Manchester Business Awards 2017 to support a great role model and friend Roman who won award for best young person of the year.
At the Greater Manchester Business Awards with finalist Roman Dibden, thanks for the invitation, such a fantastic young man making a difference to young people in Manchester.

Ex Coronation Street Actor Kelly Crabtree who worked at the Factory in the soap.👍🏿

The Greater Manchester Business Awards 2017. #GMBA17

May 13th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO take part in performance and hosting at Moss Side Food Festival organised by Moss Side Reclaim Girls.


So proud of the Moss Side community!! We have so much talent and cohesion, a Huge well done to the Moss Side Reclaim girls for organising a Moss side Food Festival on this date in Alexander park, we had some great performances and amazing young people performed, well done to everyone including team KYSO, great turn out!!

May 7th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO take part in fundraising event for Buzrak at Westwood Street, Manchester, he also does stage management.
A fantastic event in the community of Moss Side, Westwood Street, thanks to everyone who came to support and the performers smashed it.  

We have such a great community! Well done everyone! Judith Shaw Candy Scent, Buzrak and others, thanks for giving me the Opportunity to take part.
May 5th 2017 - Kemoy and Team KYSO take part in Fashion Show at Saint Peter's House, Oxford Road, Manchester for Cultureville.
On this date we had the Opporunity to take part in a Fashion Show/Performance at Saint Peters House, Oxford Road, Manchester, the feedback was " team KYSO was brilliant" creative and organised". Always fantastic to hear these comments, a huge well done to everyone from KYSO Club and a massive thanks to cultureville for the Opportunity ! A huge thanks to our head of fashion Bradley for organising the models. We are team KYSO!
May 1st 2017 - Kemoy Entertained the young people and Team KYSO members performed at the Legacy FM community Fun Day in Hulme.
May 1st 2017 - Kemoy Campaigns in the Moss Side Area with Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell and Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidate Andy Burnham.
April 29th 2017 - Kemoy meets Not3s (Musician)

‘Not3s’ (pronounced Notes), is a gifted 18 year old musician from Hackney, who through sheer effort along with support from those around, is a building name to become the greatest artist to ever come out of Hackney.

Having made his childhood dream a reality, he continues to grow as an artist… and having released his latest single ‘ Addison Lee'(which is rapidly blowing up as we speak), it’s only right that we take ride through his very own journey too.

April 29th 2017 - Kemoy and KYSO Team attended the 50 years of Supplementary event at Z-Arts in Hulme and also perform!

KYSO Team and Kemoy B attended the 50 years of Supplementary event at Z-Arts in Hulme on this date, this event celebrate the achievements of young people attending saturday schools for the last 50 years in Manchester, there was amazing presentations, speeches and performances. 

Kemoy was the DJ for the evening, providing outstanding music and entertainment for the audiences.

He said "The event was well attended, well done to everyone, a huge thanks to KYSO club for doing what they do best! A massive thanks to Janet for the booking, Janet was my youth worker growing so its great we have kept in touch always, thank you."

April 29th 2017 - Kemoy helps out with Campaigning for Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell for the Labour party UK.
Was great to meet Manchester United legend who helped us with Campaigning for . It was a great morning.
April 23rd 2017 - Kemoy DJ's and entertain at Abraham Moss Leisure Centre Family Easter Fun Day.
Kemoy had the wonderful opportunity to host/entertain the young people at the Family Easter Fun Day at Abraham Moss Leisure Centre, he mentioned working with the amazing organisation Rainbow Surprise, the opportunities are endless.  It was a good day.

Some good prizes for the talented and confident young people also.
April 22nd 2017 - Kemoy had the opportunity to host Amplify event at Carmoor Road, Manchester.

It's more than music. It's a statement.

Amplify's objectives focus around bringing out the identity of young people through creative musical reflection, strengthening the voice of the young, helping young artists get into the musical industry and in addition change the sometimes negative societal perspective on music and young people.

On this date, Amplify organised a talent show night to showcase the talent in the city, Kemoy had the opportunity to host this event, he has mentioned:

"The vibes from everyone was amazing, the support all the musicians got from the audience was crazy, was so proud to host."

April 21st 2017 - Kemoy meets Big Narstie.
Tyrone Lindo, better known by his stage name Big Narstie, is a British grime MC. He started his career in 2003 as a member of grime crew N-Double-A, though he is better known for his solo work and as an internet personality.

Kemoy got the opportunity to meet him as he went for a SPA Day/Swim at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester.
April 15th 2017 - Kemoy meets Jay Silva.
Making a name for himself with the single "See Me Now," Silva would go on to produce tracks such as "On My Mind," "Understand Me" and "Say My Name."

Kemoy said "Always a pleasure to meet up and coming musicians."
April 12th 2017 - Kemoy DJ's at fundraising event at Hideaway youth project.
Great event on this date at Hideaway youth project, kemoy expressed how fantastic it was to see a charity who is helping families across the world with food, water etc...

Kemoy said "It was fantastic to be the DJ for starters for also to see the amazing work mancunians are doing for others. Such a blessed city"
April 12th 2017 - Kemoy takes part in Mosscare Housing 50th Anniversary filming.
Great interview on this date for Mosscare Housing 50th anniversary, speaking about the support Mosscare has given the youths in the community and the work goes on!!
April 9th 2017 - Kemoy host's memorial event for friend (R.I.P Tisha)
Nice memorial event on this date for a friend we lost, R.I.P Tisha, was very proud to host.

@ The Big Western.
 April 7th 2017 - Kemoy promotes Hideaway youth project and brings along KYSO Performers to perform.
Brilliant event on this date at Birley Fields Campus MMU University with G.I.F.T organisation, great to promote youth work and nice to showcase some performances from KYSO Group.
April 6th 2017 - Kemoy and Performers from Hideaway Youth Project receives Certificate.
A huge thank you again Greater Manchester Law Centre for your certificate to Hideaway youth project Performers.

we appreciate it, young people are chuffed!
April 4th 2017 - KYSO Crew came to MCA School and perform for year 7's.
KYSO Club came into school on this date to perform for year 7's!

very proud of them

Big up team KYSO.
March 31st 2017 - Hideaway Youth Project and Partners organise Powerhouse Open Day/Talent Showcase.
Reasons why I love youth work! on this night we organised a partnership community open day/talent show at the Powerhouse (Moss Side) to showcase the work that our young people have been doing and they made us proud, thanks to everyone who came out to support us, thanks to the partners and staff who ensured the night ran smoothly. We believe in young people to believe in themselves!
March 24th 2017 - Kemoy host's the event "All or Nothing" Live rap Concert in North Manchester.
Restore presented a 'All or Nothing' youth rap concert in Higher Blackley, the show Featured musicians such as: Vital Signs, Soul Box, Seeker and Gevontay. It was a Free admission and Refreshments were available. Kemoy had the opportunity to host the event.

He mentioned "Its nice to get involved in these opportunities across the city and inspire the young and old. Thanks KYSO Team for supporting.
March 22nd 2017 - Team KYSO Performs at  the"Defining moss side community" event at Hideaway Youth Project.

"Defining the Moss Side Community" 

The seminar looked at the behavioural and structural roots of radicalisation/Islamaphobia – both religious and that on the far right as well. The presentation addressed the issue of racial profiling of communities– all of this have consequences for social cohesion and community harmony. 

Kemoy's KYSO team came and performed at the start and end of the session, they done well.

Kemoy said "It  goes to show that we are the best team around."

March 12th 2017 - Kemoy and team KYSO Performs at Manchester Irish Festival gathering outside Albert SquareManchester.
So great to be involved in the Manchester Irish festival today, Team KYSO done a performance and smashed it, so proud of them, it was great to see the Lord Mayor of Manchester. Inspiration :)

I always thank god for blessing us with these opportunities, it takes hard work, dedication and perseverance to come this far, so thank you god.

March 8th 2017 - Kemoy organises Police Crime and Commissioner Tony Lloyd to visit MCA School and speak to students.